Dreams Come True Quiz - day 30 *UPDATED WITH ANSWER*

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    Disney fact for the day - 30th September 2006 - It was the final day of Disneyland's 50th anniversary celebration.

    Many thanks for joining in my quiz. I've certainly enjoyed hosting it and hope you've enjoyed joining in. However, you'll probably be pleased that this is your final question. Thanks also to This Day in Disney History(com) where the Disney fact for the day was taken.

    All these are extracts from floats in the Once Upon a Dream Parade. You just need to let me know which character(s) float they are taken from. I'll leave this question open until Wednesday morning (my day off) when I'll post the final answers and work out the results. Good luck.

    Float 1:

    [​IMG] Winnie the Pooh - Friendship

    Float 2:

    [​IMG] Lion King - Adventure

    Float 3:

    [​IMG] Ariel - Romance

    Float 4:

    [​IMG] Mickey, Minnie, Donald - Imagination

    Float 5:

    [​IMG] Toy Story - Friendship

    Float 6:

    [​IMG] Alice in Wonderland - Fun & Laughter
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    Thanks again for the great quiz, it has been fun most of the time and frustrating some of the time, as in when I haven't got a clue!! :rotfl:

    I've also enjoyed the Disney fact of the day. :goodvibes

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