Dr Doom's Fear Fall


Earning My Ears
Mar 10, 2001
I was just wondering how scary Dr. Doom's fearfall is, and what it is. So I am going to post 2 questions

Question #1: Is the ride a rollercoaster or an elevator type thing? I've heard it is either one of those.

Question #2: How scary is it?

P.S I would also like to thank everyone on this board for their help. I'm leaving in 11 days, and I just want to say how great a help everyone has been. Thanks
:) :)

Red Sox in 2001!!
it is an elavator type ride and is not scary at all. You also get a great view of universal orlando when you are up there..

cant wait for royal pacific resort !!!
:D :D
For scare factor...this probably has the most of any ride at Universal Orlando. The first launch is incredible. For overall experience, this ride isn't very good.


just do it! i love this ride so much. i love it because at the end of the day there is no wait!

bring the hulk on!
Ah. Dr. Dooms Fearfall. One of my least favorite rides in the park. And not for shortness of ride, or not high enough, or whatever everybody complains about this ride. I hate this ride because it simply scared the $#*! out of me! But this could be for a couple of reasons. 1. I HATE hieghts! I am afraid of heights. 200 feet is definately not what I call a good time. 2. The feeling that this ride gives you at the top of the tower is cool, unexpected, and scary, all at the same time. This feeling just makes me unhappy. The first time I went to IOA, I neglected to ride this ride on purpose. The second time I went, I was FORCED, by powers unknown to ride this thing, not once, but TWICE. The third time I went to IOA, I forgot to ride it again. Now come next week, it looks like im due to go on it again. BUT I will only ride it at night. Why?! do you say? Because despite how much I hate it, the only thing I think its good for, is the AWSOME view it has. I want to experience the view at night.
So is Dr. Doom scary? Maybe. depends on you. Are you afraid of heights? Do you hate fast upwards thrusts that are sudden? Then it can be scary. Some people who have been to many,many theme parks and rode many, many, types of rides, this may seem like a walk in the park.
All I know is I have to brave it at least one more time. :eek:


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