Does anyone know anyone under 50 that has had surgery for a Macular Hole?

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    have to make a decision fairly quickly about whether or not to go forward in Jan for surgery on this large macular hole in my eye that was discovered 4 wks ago. I'm not sure what to do as there are risks involved (retinal detachment, infection, etc). I was told that they can best case scenario get back 75% of my vision, but that's not in any way guaranteed. Problem is my vision prior to the hole sits at a -11.0 which is very high to begin with and post surgery it may go to -13.75 best. I'm told I will have to have cataract surgery in 2 years if I have the Macular surgery. Post op is not fun ...2 weeks face down, and 4-6 weeks post recovery (no driving or flying). The surgeon says its more of an insurance policy as I'm only just 46, and if something happens to my other eye ever, I would possibly still have site. Right now I can see with my right eye doing all the work, and my left eye is unable to read or see fine detail, but pherephrial vision is fine. I just don't know whether to risk possible retinal detachment in the eye. He would also have to do laser surgery ahead of time, as my tissue is very soft and would likely have a retinal detachment during surgery. I was hoping to find out if anyone knew someone that has gone thru this. It's a very tough choice to make............:(

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    WOW!!!! That's a lot to sort out.....I'm sorry I can't be of any help.

    I hope you have a good Dr. Last year my DH had 2 eye surgeries and all was well. This year a friend of mine had the same surgery on 1 eye and the Dr. (different Dr. than my DH's) messed it up. Now she is trying to get in with DH's DR. because it has to be redone.

    Best of luck to you pixiedust:

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