Does anyone have web addressl for HRH

Jul 5, 2000
Looking for address for hotel accounting office.
I originally booked PBH and they deducted one nights stay from my Credit card. Decided on HRH and switched hotels. They were suppossed to switch deposit from one hotel to another but instead hit my credit card again for another nights stay. I have called the office 3x and they were to reimburse me but as of today, this has not happened. I am tired of spending $$$ to Florida. Any help from all my friends out there will be greatly appreciated.


It takes about 3-4 weeks for universal to credit your card...I am not sure why they didn't transfer your deposit (maybe a employee mess up)...just keep calling...ask to speak with a supervisor.
I work in the accounting dept. of a major hotel chain and if after three calls you haven't received your credit it's because of one of two things. 1. They haven't done it! 2. Your bank that issued the card hasn't posted the credit.
If I were you I would dispute it through the credit card company and let them handle'll probably get your credit much quicker.
Hope this helps!
Don't wait - write your credit card company now and explain the dispute - making it clear that you expect Lowes hotels to credit your card and you have no intention of paying the over charge . The credit card company will then light a fire under the hotel to correct the matter.

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