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Discussion in 'Coping and Compassion' started by WDWLVR, Nov 27, 2006.


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    Feb 17, 2000
    I wanted to pass along something that has helped me cope with stress and life in general the past couple of years.

    I've always been a planner, I'm the one in the family that plans the vacations. Budgets, confirmation numbers, etc. So I got to carrying around a notebook so that I could make lists etc. in it during my free time (lunch, etc.).

    A few years ago I was having a really bad day and just felt like the world was against me, they weren't but it felt that way. I just wanted to run away, hide and cry. Instead I took out that notebook and wrote down all I was feeling. Then I flipped though the pages of planning notes for our trips and realized I had much to be thankful for so I went back and listed those as my blessings.

    Ever since then I carry a two subject notebook. The front is still used for trip planning and day-dreaming (plans for a couple of years ahead that may or may not come to be). The back is where I journal. I write when I'm having a bad day, I write when I'm having a good day. I list my challenges, but I also list my blessings. When I am having a bad day it always seems to help when I write it down and it also helps when I go back and read my blessings.

    The journal isn't meant to replace a good support group, a compassionate friend, or something as wonderful as this board. It is just a place for me to be me, say (in words that no one will see) what might otherwise hurt someone, and just vent. It is also a place for me to remember the past and plan for the future.

    If you don't already do it I really suggest starting a journal. It doesn't have to be anything fancy. A simple school notebook will work.
  2. Mackey Mouse

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    May 21, 2000
    Thanks Mary for this. I do know many journal and it is cathartic to write it down and read it later.......

    I have to tell you that this board is my journal right now.. if I am down, people here are picking me up and the prayers are just overwhelming... I know that my middle daughter journals and it helps her... I think we all need some time away from this dreaded sickness, and hopefully I can get him well enough to fly out on Sunday.. that is our plan...
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  4. Cherry

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    Sep 9, 1999
    This isn't exactly a journal, but this is something that helped us a lot when my husband was so sick and while he was on hospice care.

    A good friend brought us a really nice leather-bound journal. So many friends and family came to see my husband while he was in the hospital, and while he was home on hospice care. Many times he was feeling really bad and slept through their visits. We had everyone who came in sign the journal and write a message to him. We also kept a record there of gifts that they brought to him. It was wonderful, because when he felt up to it, he could read the messages, and he really enjoyed them, and now we've got a record of all the people who came to see him along with their messages to him. It makes me feel good to read it now and then, and see how many people loved him and cared so much about him.

    I'm not sure I'm organized enough to keep a journal myself, but it sounds like a very good idea, and I might give it a try.
  5. Mackey Mouse

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    May 21, 2000
    Cherry, I loved that.....and I am putting it in the way back of my mind.....thanks
  6. safetymom

    safetymom Super Moderator

    Aug 13, 2001
    When my late husband and father were so sick I couldn't journal. I was so tired from dealing with all of it I couldn't put the words on paper.

    I was lucky after my husband died to find a wonderful online support group. I poured my heart out to them. I don't know how I would have made it through without them. I feel closer to these people than many members of my family.
  7. luvsmickeymouse

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    Jul 31, 2005
    but haven't lately. I like the idea of a two subject notebook. I have so many plans and dreams and I also need a place to write things down about how I am feeling at that time, or things that happen during the day. I am going to get started again. Thanks!

    I may go over to the WISH board, they do journals there, because I have been losing weight, and exersising (well that is on hold for a couple of weeks cause I just had my gallbladder out and hernia repaired) I nver thought women got hernias but they do.

    I hope every one on here is doing ok and hanging onto hope, prayers and hugs for you all.
  8. JandJ

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    Nov 1, 2005
    Thanks for posting this idea! I've kept a journal since I was 10 years old (let's just say more than 20 years now!) and it is SO cathartic. It's not just for when you're down or for grief or loss, but to write about the good stuff too!

    When my daddy was diagnosed with cancer in 2004 I couldn't write for a few days, I just couldn't put into words how I was feeling or what was going on. But when it was my turn to stay overnight in the hospital with him (my siblings and I took turns) I wrote most of the night. I look back on those entries now and just feel so grateful that he is doing much, much better. The doctors gave him 3 years but he's a fighter - even through grieving the loss of my mom. When my mom passed I wrote dozens of pages. It helped, and my grief counselor was very impressed that I keep a journal. I liked that he saw the value in it too.

    I also scrapbook and I journal in my scrapbooks like crazy! I want to be able to go back to scrapbooks and journal entries and tell my future kids about their grandparents.

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