Do you have a favorite thread from the old boards you want saved?


DIS Veteran
Aug 22, 1999
Please let us know here, we will save them as text and as .html pages, in case the old boards should crash or become inaccessible. Most of the good stuff has been saved by our fearless leader, SueM (Big round of applause!!!) and translation software may become available soon so that we can move threads directly rather than by cut and paste.

I have already saved threads in html format about:
- What do you want in a Guidebook
- My Day At Epcot in a Wheelchair
- Constructive Ways to Deal With Staring
- Explaining disabilities to a child
- Answering kids' questions

Sue has saved various topics by category, in text format. All we have to do is edit it! That is all!

If you have any specific requests or need help, please let us know.

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