Do you crack your knuckles?


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Feb 21, 2000
I thought I would post a deep meaingful question with importantant social coinsequences. So..

Do you crack your knuckles? Does it bother you when others do?

I just cracked my knuckles a few mintues ago and one of my co-workers wigged. She said it really gives ger the heebee geebees to hear someone else crack their knuckles.

So, do you crack or not?
I don't, but my 16 year old DS does constantly. He also cracks his neck.

Just another of the many things he does to annoy his mother! :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes:

Yep... I crack nuckles on my hands, toes and things like back, neck, hip, shoulders, elbows & ankles. But I do try to do it when no one is around as I know it bothers many to hear it.
I crack my knuckles all the time, along with my wrists.

I can do my fingers and toes, but I hate it when someone does their neck.
Sure do! in fact I go to a chiropractor to get the rest of my body cracked!LOL
Aaaarggggggghhhhhhh!!! Runaway!! Runaway!! My youngest DSD does it constantly! I swear I think her fingers are gonna pop or something!! Ewwwww!!! :p :p
I DO I DO!!! I crack the first knuckle on all my fingers and then the 3rd one also! And i crack my back and my neck like once a day. And my ankles crack everytime i twist them so i could do it ALL DAY LONG! but now my fingers are all fat and ugly from cracking them.. :(
Every once in a while (like once a month) I crack my toes. I never crack my fingers. I think it hurts.
I'm a cracker fact I've gotten so bad...oh, I crack knees, ankles, hips, neck, wrists, elbows, collarbone, back, toes, feet, knuckles - you name it, I probably crack it!!!....anyway it's gotten so bad that I have to pop my right foot just below the big toe and my left generally before I can walk. My problem with my left knee is that I twisted it so many times that my (sorry...if you get grossed out easy do not read this next line....) knee cap is to the left of my where it should be. In order to not risk it going out on me - I have to pop it and then I can walk.

And like PollyAnn...if I don't pop these things - they do start feeling stiff!!!! But my surgeon told me big big big big no no popping my loosens the tissue which can end up "regrowing" and attaching itself to help cause carpel tunnel - no lie!!!! But I haven't been able to stop!!!!! I have gotten better and don't pop it as much but I just can't stop!

People can usually tell when I'm nervous....I start popping my fingers and my wrists and not just once!!!!
I crack my thumbs, I just bend them. And I crack my elbows.
I crack my:
-knuckles (not just the knuckle attached to palm, but the second knuckles too).
-wrists (not very often though)
-ankle (I broke it, so I need to every once & a while)
-back (it's not in the greatest shape, so I need to)
-neck, constantly (I'm pretty obnoxious on this one - I open my mouth, so the hollow cracking is much louder ;) . I also tend to do this when I'm frustrated - something I picked up from my dad)
Yup, all the time... Thankfully, no one here is bothered by it. But I know a few friends that can't stand it! :)


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