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    ...we are usually car renters but are considering using DME for 12/30 arrival to save some $$$. We are too late for luggage tags. Couple of questions for the experts:

    1. will we put our bags underneath ourselves and be able to get them when we are dropped off at our resort (BWV)?

    2. how many resort stops can we expect between MCO and BWV (is there a certain route they use (like the park busses)?

    3. how long do you usually have to wait to be on a bus at MCO (flight arrival is 11 am on 12/30)?

    Thanks so much for any help...

  2. safetymom

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    You can use DME without the luggage tags as long as you are registered with them.

    Your Disney’s Magical Express reservation has been made; however, you may not receive your Disney’s Magical
    Express booklet with luggage tags prior to departure for Orlando. Please be assured that you will still be able to
    utilize the service and receive the same seamless experience.
    Once you arrive at Orlando International Airport, you have two options:
    1) You can pick up your luggage at baggage claim and proceed directly to the Disney
    Welcome Center. You will be responsible for taking your luggage with you on the
    motor coach.
    2) Or you may proceed directly to the Disney Welcome Center. You do not need to claim
    your luggage. Disney will gather all of your information and collect your luggage for
    you and then deliver it to your resort room.
    IMPORTANT: Please pack any valuables, medications or anything needed immediately upon arrival into Orlando in
    a carry-on bag.
    Arrival at Orlando International Airport. Upon arrival, please take the tram from your gate to the main Terminal
    and proceed to the Disney Welcome Center which is located on the B Side on Level 1 and bypass baggage claim.
    If you arrive on the A Side, please proceed to the B Side before taking the elevator or escalator down to Level 1.
    You may follow the airport signs to Ground Transportation.
    At the Disney Welcome Center, please present your airline baggage claim checks to the Disney representative
    to confirm the number of bags* checked as well as your return flight information. You will then board a
    complimentary motor coach that will take you to your resort. Your motor coach may make up to 3 stops before
    arriving at your resort.
    Luggage delivery to the resort. Your luggage will be claimed at the airport and delivered to your room. Your
    luggage may take up to 3 hours after you check-in to be delivered. You do not need to be in your room to receive
    your luggage. Please note if you take your luggage on the motor coach it will not automatically be delivered to
    your room.
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    Since Day One (more than 3.5 years ago), DME has had a procedure in place for people who, for whatever reason, didn't put a DME tag on each iece of checked luggage but still want DME to automatically handle their checked bags.

    So after you land, skip baggage claim and go directly to the DME counter. They'll ask if you tagged your bags, you'll say no, they'll ask for your baggage claim check numbers as well as a physical description of each bag. A cast member will be dispatched to claim your bags for you. The CM will go to baggage claim and get them for you, and then will take the bags back behind-the-scenes and print out a replacement DME tag for each bag (this new tag will be white, not the usual DME yellow), tag each bag, and then send them on their way to Disney's airport-based luggage sorting facility with the rest of the DME-tagged bags.

    So as you can see, there's no need to claim your own bags if you don't want to.

    As for your own journey to BWV ... there is no pre-set grouping of resorts and no pre-set routes. Chances are, you will share your bus with guests from other Epcot-area resorts, but it really depends on who else they expect around the same time. The driver is told which resorts they are going to for each run, but it is up to each driver to decide the ROUTE he/she will take. Most of the time, they decide to take a geographically-sensible route, such as droping off at the resort closest to the airport first, and so on. There will be no more than 4 different resorts per bus; if a bus will make drop-offs to resorts in more than one geographical zone, the maximum number of drop-offs will be 3, to accomodate for the extra driving time.
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    Most likely stops will be YC, BC, BW, CBR..but that could change. Average time from deplaning to resort is about 70 mins.
    If you choose not to let DME handle your bags, and you leave them untagged and retrieve them yourself, and bring them to the bus with you, you will be expected to tip the driver for his bag handling.

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