DLRP with a 2 year old TR 17/03 - 21/03


Earning My Ears
Mar 1, 2013
Cast Me, DH, DS2, DSS13, DSIL and DM


Up bright and early to catch our 11am flight to CDG.Flight was on time and went smoothly. DS was perfectly happy watching movies on his Innotab until it came to landing and I think his ears may have got sore as he was crying uncontrollably until we landed and then fell fast asleep in DH arms, poor little mite. It was a terrible 10 minutes :-(

Straight through passport control and retrieved our bags without any problems but then there was a delay with the buggies coming through so we were left waiting for over 30 mins before they were brought up.

Thank god our transfer was still waiting for us so we were on our way to SQL finally :-)

Check in was quick and easy and we were giben connecting rooms in Yellowstone as I had requested (132 and 134).2 kettles were delivered while we were in the park later on.

Popped into the shop in the hotel for an autograph book and pen and for our Photopass Plus. Used the €20 off voucher with no problems.

After a quick freshen up we headed to the park for the St Patricks Day parade which was fab. Then off down main street strolling around the shops and taking everything in. We grabbed a quick burger and fries along the way at Au Chalet de la Marionette. Very reasonable and quite enjoyable.

After this we explored all the lands but didn't do any rides as we were too busy looking at everything. DS was also asleep in his buggy by now.

After exploring everywhere we headed back to the hotel. Decided to pop into McDonalds but the queues were horrendous so headed to Eos instead for a yummy steak and cheese sub.

DS also bought a talking Buzz Lightyear from his savings (€34.99) in the Disney store.

Back at the hotel DS played with his new toy while we unpacked and got ready for an early start the next day.

So much for an early start, DS didn't wake until after 8 so we eventually got to breakfast around 8.30. We filled up on yummy croissants and hot chocolates and DS loved the yoghurts. No big crowds at this time so we really enjoyed breakfast that day.

Got to the park at 9.30 and mickey and minnie and Pluto were doing meet and greats in the square but DS seemed a bit wary of them so we didn't queue, we later realised that he didn't really like the characters at all, he was too young I think, hopefully in another few years we'll go back and he'll enjoy them.

Put DS back in his buggy where he proceeded to fall fast asleep again (anyone else seeing a pattern here??? Lol)

Headed over to BTM at rope drop and grabbed fast passes for 10.30 so over to Indiana Jones which was a walk on. Really enjoyed this. Then back to BTM which was brilliant. Jumped on Snow White and the carousel which were both walk ons but as DS was still asleep we felt bad doin these rides without him so headed out to Caseys for a brownie and hot chocolate (yummy).

Caught Goofys Garden Party but didnt have a great view so over to the castle stage for the Mary Poppins show which I absolutely loved. DS was awake by now and really enjoyed this too as he loves the movie.

Into Discoveryland and a walk on to Buzz. DS got a great kick out of this and it turned out to be his favourite ride so we did it many times over the next few days. Great pics on our Photopass account.

Headed back to the village now and DS nan bought him Woody to go with his Buzz. DSS also went on a little shopping spree buying hats (turned into a little obsession on the trip lol, he couldn't resist and came home with about 5 hats)

Back at the hotel DH and DSS went for a swim. I didn't let DS go as I was a bit worried about his ears after the flight. He was happy playing with his toys and running between the two rooms. DH said the pool was fab and lovely and warm.

Everyone got showered and changed and headed to Annettes for dinner around 4pm. Got seated straight away and had some great burgers and hotdogs and desserts. €120 for 4 adults and 2 kids was very reasonable and we all left happy and full.

Headed back to the park where guess what??? DS fell fast asleep again!!! My little man was sleeping through the entire trip lol. We watched the parade but felt guilty again because DS was missing it :-(

After a stroll around Adventureland we sat in Discovery Arcade and had a coffee before heading out to watch Dreams after a quick spin on Buzz.

Dreams - wow, just wow. We all stood open mouthed for the entire show. It was just breathtaking. DS didn't budge from DH arms, he loved every minute.

Headed back to the hotel through the arcade where we all fell fast asleep after a lovely day. Hoping little man stays awake to see and do more tomorrow.......

Today was going to be our studios day so we weren't too worried about being up early. Got to breakfast around 9, again no queues so had a lovely breakfast.

Headed into the Studios shortly before 10 and the queue for Ratatouille was already massive and Crush was experiencing technical issues.

Had great fun in the Monsters Inc section before a spin on the Magic Carpets (walk on), Slinky (walk on) and RC Racer (5 min wait). Then onto Rock N Rollercoaster before stopping for a hot chocolate to warm us up as it was exceptionally cold this morning.

Headed over to Disney Live but the current showing was in French so decided to wait for the English version in 20 mins. To get in from the cold we walked around the big shop on the way into the Studios. While we were doing a bit of shopping DS decided to fall asleep AGAIN lol. I think it was all the fresh air that was making him so sleepy :-)

As it was so cold we decided to bring DS back to the hotel and tuck him into bed so he could get a proper nap so unfortunately that was the end of our Studios experience. That's my biggest regret of the trip :-(

When DS woke he was on a brilliant mood so we headed for the park stopping off atRainforest Cafe on the way. Highly recommend this, it was a great meal and the theme is brilliant. DS loved it.

Headed into Fantasyland where we did Pinnochio, Teacups, It's a Small World, Storybook Books and the Carousel in quick succession. Then over to Buzz again and a bit of shopping in the shop beside it. DS bought the Toy Story and Monsters Inc figures. They were €19.99 each and he loves them.

Headed back to the hotel bar then for a much anticipated Glowtini. It was yum. DSIL had a Lights and Colours which was also yummy.

Back to the hotel room then for showers and early night. We were determined to make EMH for our last full day......

DS had an extra long lie in this morning so no EMH again I'm afraid. I didn't mind though as he didn't really like the characters anyway and we'd done a lot of the rides in Fantasyland the evening before.

Headed to breakfast around 9.30 but there was a huge queue so we didn't enjoy it as much as previous mornings when it had been quieter.

Had a stroll through the village then window shopping on the way into the park. DS shocked us all by falling asleep as we approached the entrance :-) :-)

Decided to pop into the Disneyland Hotel for a snoop around. Oh my god, I will 100% make it my mission to stay here one day. Its fabulous.

Had a coffee and some cakes in Cafe Fantasia which were delish.

Off to the park with us then and when DS woke I decided to bring him to meet Mickey Mouse in his house. What a mistake that was. After queuing for 40 mins we got into see the main man himself, DH pretty much had to walk straight out with DS though as he was terrifed :-( :-( I felt so bad for bringing him in there, I thought the one on one meeting would be better for him then the outside meet and greets. I was wrong :-(

After that disaster we decided to do a few rides but the queues were alot longer today so we only managed a few. Standing in a long queue with a very active 2 year old doesn't really work out well lol.

We then watched Goofys Garden Party with a brilliant view. DS loved this and so did we. It was great fun.

Back to the hotel for a little rest before heading to Planet Hollywood which we all really enjoyed. Used the 20% off vouchers and saved €30 :-)

Then caught the parade again with a great view. Headed over to Buzz but it had a 35 min wait so decided to finish off any shopping we had to do instead.

Headed back to the hotel bar for a final Glowtini before back to the room to get everything packed. We were being picked up at 12 for our transfer back to CDG.


Had breakfast booked at Cafe Mickey this morning but I was seriously rethinking it after DS reaction to Mickey Mouse the day before.

Eventually we decided we would just go for it and I'm so glad we did. DS was happy watching the characters from afar and they didn't crowd him when they came to our table which was a relief. We saw Pluto, Mickey, Goofy, Chip and Dale and Eeyore. It was a lovely way to end a great holiday.

Our transfer picked us up right on time. The driver was a bit reluctant to put the baby seat into the car, he wanted my DS to sit on a booster seat which I refused. He had the baby seat in the boot so I think it was just too much hassle for him to put it in the car. Then he dropped us off at the wrong terminal, we had to get on a train to get to the correct one. I was not a happy bunny.

Flight went great again until it came to landing when DS completely freaked out again. I was never so glad to get off that airplane and I'd say anyone sitting in our area thought the same :-(

All in all a fantastic trip but our DS was still abit too young for Disneyland I think. I can't wait to bring him back in a few years now that I've well and truly caught the disney bug xxx
Sounds like you had a great trip with low crowds and lots of highs! I'm sure your little one enjoyed it in his own way. My DD was 7 before I took her, she used to freak out at Brewster bear and didn't really like fairground rides so I knew it would be wasted on her :rotfl2:We've just had our 12th trip and been to WDW 4 times, so we've made up for lost time :rotfl:
Sounds like a great trip overall. It can be hard when they're so little to keep going, it's a long day at Disney - you did right letting him sleep when he needed it other wise he'd probably have been a bit grumpy. I've seen so many little ones tired and crying around Disney, I feel like screaming 'let them have a nap!'. I'm sure you've started the bug and he'll enjoy it all the more the next time :goodvibes Thanks for posting


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