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Discussion in 'Budget Board' started by my3sonsagn, May 17, 2010.

  1. my3sonsagn

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    Dec 22, 2008
    Does anyone know if DisneyStores only accept applications for open positions or if they accept applications and hold them for future openings? Also, should I dress nicely to just ask for an application or is casual dress (not like ratty/dirty/holey clothing - just dressed-down) okay for that? Is it okay to fill-out the application there, or is it preferred to take it elsewhere (like the food court or something) then bring it back or mail it in? I know these sound like no-brainer questions, but the last (paying) job that I held was in 1993 before my oldest son was born, so I am completely at sea regarding "job application protocol" these days. lol

    Any other tips for a Mom re-entering the job market are also appreciated!
  2. Cruise

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    Dec 3, 2001
    Going back to my college days when I worked retail in a mall (though not the Disney Store), I can comment on a couple of these.

    I would say that as far as dressing goes, it's best to be appropriate to what the store is. Since Disney Stores use a "uniform" (do they still? last time I noticed it was trousers and a Disney store shirt), I would say something casual, but neat, would be fine.

    For filling out the application, it's best to take it somewhere else and bring it back. You don't want to be "in the way" while they're working or trying to help customers. And, frankly, it just kinda creeped me out when people did that. It also doesn't look very professional to be hunched over a counter.

    I have no idea what Disney's policy is on keeping applications for future openings.

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    Aug 1, 2006
    In college, I worked in a small retail store where people brought us applications all the time. I was the lead employee in the store so when I took apps, the manager would ask me what I thought of them. How were they dressed, could they speak coherently, things like that. Jeans are never good. I would say nice pants and shirt would be fine thought.

    I would definitley go fill it out at the food court and return it right away. Hand delivering it in person gives you a face and makes it more likely that you will get an interview.
  4. dizneechic

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    Apr 14, 2009
    Former Disney Store manager but MANY moons ago...

    Don't overdress for the application (or interview), unless your coming straight out of a professional 9-5 job, casual/business casual is perfectly acceptable, but be polished (hair neat, not too much jewelry, nothing over the top trendy, respectable shoes, etc). Ask for the application, fill it out elsewhere, and when you come in to drop it off ask if you can drop off the application to the manager on duty. This gives you a face to face with them and also gives you 30 seconds to make an impression vs. being another piece of paper in the pile. I always liked when someone asked if we had open positions, what type of hours did we need, and shared a little something about themselves or why they were applying here vs every store in the mall. We used to get a LOT of applications, so took the 30 seconds we had in the application hand off and pre screen, so don't bring the kids (if you can avoid it), don't drop if off in the middle of a rush, and try to avoid manager breaks & shift changes (bad times for us were 1-2, 4-5, in between 2-4 we had 2 or more managers on duty, after 6 tended to be a little busier, 10-12 best time of day provided it wasn't a markdown day, LOL!). We also loved when it was frequent customers who applied, so if you have a regular time you shop there, try to drop off around that time so the cast know who you are, we used to chit chat (very nicely of course!) about frequent guests and loved when they finally applied, so being a familiar face is a plus. The same theories would hold true at most retail places, especially the smaller and specialty retail shops. :thumbsup2

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