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    Aug 20, 2005
    I have never flown or used any transportation service from MCO. Our plane lands around 6:30 pm. We are staying at POFQ. How long can I generally expect it to take to get to our hotel? 1 hour or less or more. Are ME CM's usually waiting when you land or do they preschedule generic times ever hour or so?

    Thanks for any info.
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    Jun 11, 2005
    About an hour from when you get off the plane, although it could be a bit longer if they need to wait for more passengers to fill the bus.

    Although I didn't see them, there are apparently DME CMs waving big white Mickey hands in the direction of the main terminal and from there down to the DME counter.
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    Mar 5, 2005
    There are no "prescheduled generic times" for DME buses to leave. It's not at all like there are buses leaving every 30 minutes or anything like that. It's a dynamic situation all based on need. There aren't even set routes or groupings of resorts.

    This means that you're not going to "miss your bus" because you stop at the bathroom or stop for a few minutes to help a cranky toddler (or in my case a cranky in-law) during the walk between your gate and the DME counter.

    Just FYI, it took me 53 minutes from the time I got into the DME counter line until I was dropped off at CBR. And that was way back on May 8 when DME was brand new and they were still ironing out the kinks.

    -- Eric :earsboy:
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    Apr 27, 2000
    We used DME at the end of August. We waited about 5 minutes in the check in line, and then walkd onto the bus that was about to leave. We were staying at ASMU, and had to stop at POP first. The longest part of the trip was the ride between POP and the ASMU - either the driver got lost or he took the most round about way possible. We will definitely use it again as long as it is free (otherwise we will go back to renting a car).

    We landed about 5:45 and I was in line at the resort before 6:30.
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    Going to Disney you are not reserved for a specific time on a specific ME bus. Buses should leave within half an hour after you get on.

    If you are arriving after 10 PM, at least one person in your party should go to the ME welcoming area first after getting off the plane.

    Going home you must have return bus vouchers (tickets) and a reserved bus time which is typically 3 hours before your flight time. If you did not get these on arrival day at the airport or hanging on your door the morning before you check out to go home, get them at the ME desk in the resort lobby the day before you go home.

    The distance from Pop Century to the All Stars is much longer than between the All Stars.

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