Disney is no longer an enjoyable experience


Feb 1, 2001
You won't see a CM near a brawl but if an adult is wearing a costume or proposing marriage...they'll swoop in very quickly.
The CM is much less likely to get their skull bashed in and die breaking up a proposal.

Perhaps it is time to train and arm CM for combat?


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Sep 15, 2006
Nor should they. That's for security, not the avg CM
Well except I have witnessed two incidences up close and personally. One...a CM was pushing my scooter backwards through a door. She thought it was better way to exit than straight ahead through a double door. Although another CM had directed me to the exit.A guest behind me didn't approve and slammed her fist into the side of my head. it was hard enough that it was red, swollen and eventually bruised.. The CM said nothing.. The second...the situation at the castle hub is awful. They pack guests in like sardines then push more in until you are on top of one another. DH stood between me and the kiddos while two families went at it...verbally and physically. Not a good scenario. I'm sure it was not the only time something like this happened . Security never showed up for either incident.
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