Disney Food Pictures...Part V!

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  • karly05

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    Mar 7, 2009
    Left: Beef Bao Buns from the China Holiday Kiosk. Right: I'm not exactly sure as my mom ordered it but it is from QS Morocco and she gets it every visit :p
    That is a (yummy!) shawarma platter from Tangierine Cafe (the Morocco QS). I get the lamb version every trip. That looks like the chicken. I LOVE Tangierine Cafe!

    Where was this? I would guess Le Cellier based on the other photos, but are those tamales? This looks good.
  • osully

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    Apr 9, 2016
    Kicking myself every time I see anything from L'Artisan Des Glaces! I didnt even stop by there or Les Halles. And we were in Epcot twice. :(


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    Nov 14, 2004
    So excited to finally be able to add to this thread!!:goodvibes:goodvibes:goodvibes

    From our mid Dec trip:

    IMG_0751 (1).jpg Bacon and Eggs appetizer--The Wave

    IMG_0752.jpg Sustainable Fish--The Wave
    IMG_0753.jpgKid's cheeseburger--The Wave
    IMG_0762.jpg Kids French Toast--Kona Cafe
    IMG_0763.jpg Tonga Toast--Kona Café
    IMG_0829.jpgChicken and Doughnuts--Homecomin
    IMG_0867.jpgKids Grilled Cheese and Turkey Noodle Soup--Be Our Guest
    IMG_0868.jpg Braised Pork--Be Our Guest

    More to come............


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    Aug 5, 2010
    We went to Liberty Tree Tavern yesterday. I use to share the old pilgrim’s platter with our DD & was a tad salty over the changing of the menu. But I want reassure anyone else who was sad to see it go that the kid’s turkey lunch is great & plenty of food (for me at least). You’re served turkey, mashed potatoes, green beans, & fruit. I asked for gravy & it was brought in a little cup. It was delicious. Sorry I forgot to take a photo.
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