Disney Food Pictures...Part V!

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  • Arianabtd

    Sep 24, 2016
    Rounded up some food pics from this past weeks trip!

    Dole Whip Float:drinking1

    Orange Swirl Float (Wasn't as good as I expected but you KNOW I still gluged it down :drinking1)

    Left: Beef Bao Buns from the China Holiday Kiosk. Right: I'm not exactly sure as my mom ordered it but it is from QS Morocco and she gets it every visit :p

    My long awaited General Tso's Chicken buns from Nine Dragons !!! :tongue: (Plus egg rolls)

    Chicken Bowl from Satuli Canteen! This was so fantastic. We got the potato/sweet potato base, with the creamy herb sauce.

    And lastly the Night Blossom drink, with the pineapple cream cheese egg roll from Pongu Pongu.


    DIS Veteran
    Mar 5, 2005
    Hangar Bar was part of a night of bar hopping my spouse and I did after dropping the 9 year old off at Lilo's Playhouse. Before we did that we stopped by Trader Sam's and enjoyed that space for a bit. We ordered the picky kiddo a drink which he immediately declared horrible, I managed to catch this and plan on using it to embarrass him for the rest of his life. The drink btw was delicious and Little Lord Picky Pants's parents finished it off.

    Polynesian Punch
    Sam’s Gorilla Grog and Hibiscus Grenadine. Served in a Souvenir Sipper

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    Omg that's too funny! Yes I would print many copies as blackmail up until he marries..lol


    Oct 22, 2014
    Posting this here in hopes it cal help someone out who may be afraid to ask/request things. My wife and I recently did the Afternoon Tea at Grand Floridian. Putting aside the fact that tea isn't my thing, the bigger issue was the sandwiches (I have a condition that won't allow me to eat soft breads easily...it's not an allergy, just a medical condition).

    I wasn't going to say anything, but my wife said to speak up. Well, I did. And our waiter and the chef was amazing. They made sure I could eat hard crackers (yep, no problem there) and brought out small dishes of all the spreads and served them that way instead of as finger sandwiches. Truthfully, I got way more than I should have. :)

    So make sure to ask the staff if you have any issues. If they can, they will go out of there way to make your day magical. The video has images of all the team items, from start to finish...including tea, dessert, sandwiches my wife had, my items, etc. Hope you enjoy and get some inspiration to try this fun experience.


    Jessica Rust

    Oct 25, 2017
    I can't see a lot of the images. I have a MacBook. Any suggestions on why they are not showing up? I love looking at food pics!


    Mar 16, 2014
    I can't see a lot of the images. I have a MacBook. Any suggestions on why they are not showing up? I love looking at food pics!
    Are you seeing images like the one below?

    Photobucket pulled a nasty switch on its users earlier this year and is requiring an extremely expensive upgrade in order for their users to continue hosting photos there. Many DISers had so many photos linked from photobucket that it was impractical to get the links updated on the boards. Alas, many awesome photos are gone.

    If that's not the problem you're having then I can't help, but I'm pretty sure we have a technical board where you might get better response!
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