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May 1, 2000
Since my local Disney Store has closed, where else can I purchase Disney Dollars? Is there any place on the web that sells them? Are there any reward programs where you can earn Disney Dollars. Thanks.

Some Rewards programs can earn you DDs, so just take and click on the Rewards Board Link in my signature. They would be happy to answer all of your Rewards questions over there.
I am not sure about where else to purchase DDs. Hopefully someone else can help you out with that one!

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I think I read on a post earlier today that you can purchase them at disneystore.com. I am not positive about that but, it's worth a look!
A local Disney Store in my area just closed on Sunday! That is a shame.
Anyway...hope this helps!
I tried to find somewhere on the web to purchase Disney Dollars and was unsuccessful. I had to end up driving 60 miles to the closest store to purchase them. I really wish someone would offer these over the internet - they are great to give as gifts. I plan to use mine as Easter gifts, birthday gifts, and any other special occaision. It really makes the kids appreciate the money when they get to Disneyworld and can spend it on what they really want! If you find a place that sells them please let me kno
I was lucky enough to have a kind co-worker heading to WDW before us. I gave her the money and she purchased the Disney Dollars for me while she was there. My boys will be getting a surprise from the Easter Bunny!

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I just e-mailed Disney store on line and they sent me back that they do not sell disney dollars and basically never will. They said they are a seperate company and have nothing to do with that.



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