Disney College Program vs. Disney Culinary Program

Discussion in 'The College Board' started by TaraPA, Sep 19, 2016.

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    Sep 6, 2000
    DS has been considering applying for DCP -then someone recommended the Disney Culinary Program for college students in a culinary or pastry arts major - I can't seem to find a whole lot about this. Would this be in place of the DCP or as a culinary/pastry student can he just apply for the Culinary Program? Or does he need to apply and/or complete the DCP first?

    Assuming they take far fewer students into the Culinary Program (vs DCP) how difficult is it to get into, and do they open up for applicants twice a year, same as DCP?

    Anyone that can provide some insight to the Culinary Program? It would be most appreciated.
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    Sep 27, 2016

    You can find a lot of information on the Culinary Program here. I personally am going into school for pastry arts and am wanting to go to Disney for a regular College Program, rather than working in the kitchen, so I haven't been in the program, but I've done some research. I haven't found anything determining whether or not someone can go into the College Program with a culinary degree, or if you can do both, but seeing as the College Program does not say what kind of college is required (as long as it is a degree of some sort), I'm sure that someone could be in the College Program with a culinary degree. As to whether or not you must be in the College Program to be a part of the Culinary Program, no. If someone wanted to apply just for the Culinary Program, all they would need is their degree from culinary school (though be prepared, because I have heard that the interviews are very in depth - foodwise).
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    I did the pastry side of the culinary program from April of last year until January of this year, then got hired on full time. In order to participate in the culinary side of the program, your son MUST be enrolled in a culinary program at his school. They absolutely won't consider him for it if he isn't enrolled in a culinary or pastry degree program, but if I'm reading your post correctly, it sounds like he is. The DCP on the culinary side is, for all intents and purposes, identical to the regular side; it's just the roles and hiring process that are different. You definitely don't have to do the regular program first.

    They do take significantly fewer participants into the culinary program, so it can be pretty difficult to get into. I don't know how often they open applications (I stopped paying attention after I got accepted, but he can sign up for alerts on their website), but he will have to do a food knowledge interview. Mine was in person, but most are over the phone. One thing to definitely keep in mind is food safety and HACCP. Also, depending on how far along your son is in his program, he might not be able to apply yet. The recruiter chef came to my school twice while I was there, and the first time, I wasn't able to interview because I wasn't far enough along in my classes. If he's still early in his program, I'd suggest that he talk to his chef instructors and see if any of them could give him an idea of when would be the best time to apply. For me, it was when I was about three or four classes shy of finishing.

    If he were to get in, depending on what time of year he comes down, it's possible that he'd end up at either Food and Wine or Flower and Garden. A LOT of CPs end up at the festivals. They go everywhere else, of course, but those are two major spots for them. I did F&W last year and out of the twelve or so of us who were in the bakery, only one wasn't a CP.
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    If he is in culinary school then the culinary program is definitely they way to go. He will directly be involved in making food instead of possibly selling merchandise, cleaning rooms, running an attraction, etc. The culinary program seems closer like the professional internships in terms of how hard it is to get into and the fact you are more focused and guaranteed of role. If your son is on tumblr tell him to search the program there. Each semester there is at least one person who blogs their experience with the culinary program. Most say the fall program is better because of Food and Wine and all the special holiday food events but now that Flower and Garden is becoming Food and Wine 2.0 it might not be as different.
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    I am in high school and I am trying to prepare for the baking program. Any tips on how to get in? I love Disney way too much to miss out on their programs so I am super excited.

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