disney channel stars in the parks? how do I find out?


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Nov 25, 2001
Where can I find out about special appearance coming up for Disney Channel stars at WDW? My pre-teen daughters are bonkers for DC stars and I'd love to be able to find something special going on while we're there. Already planning on the HSM pep rally...

We met and hung out with Corbin Bleu last year at the opening of EE, but I"m looking for maybe a website w/personal apprearances on it.

Subscribing...My DD11 would go bonkers to see DC stars! It would be awesome to see something like the Hannah Montana special they filmed at TL!
I'm just laughing at the repeated use of the word "bonkers." It fits my DD to a tee! Even my 3 year old calls every teen girl with blonde hair Hanna 'Tana.

I wish you guys could have been at WDW April 24-27 for the Disney Channel Games at Disney's Wide World of Sports.Most of the Disney Channel Stars were there and I met a lot of them there and at Animal Kingdom Lodge and Magic Kingdom.The nicest ones were Miley Cyrus,Kyle Massey,Jason Earles and Jason Dolley.The only upcoming appearances that I am aware of are concerts by both Aly and AJ and The Jonas Brothers at the House of Blues at Downtown Disney in August.:)
We were at the TL Hannah taping last year... we were actually "paid" to be her audience with tickets to come back to any park on another day. The kids LOVED it and Miley was so sweet to my daughter... it was open to the public too and the regular guests were behind us and our roped off area. We also got to spend the rest of the day in the park.
Normally, I get emails for extra castings when someone is going to appear at WDW. I haven't gotten one for awhile. I really don't think anything special is planned in the near future. Sorry!


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