Disability pass with Restaurant Accommodations?

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Oct 27, 2011
Accommodations at restaurants are not part of DAS.

I recommend checking menus for the ingredients your son will eat. If they have the ingredients on hand they likely can make something off-menu (ie sliced bread and cheese = grilled cheese sandwich). I would not expect them to get an item from another restaurant, though I have heard some resort restaurants may do this if it is off-peak times and the other kitchen is next door. If he is particular to certain brands, or chicken nuggets not strips, etc. that isn’t likely to be accommodated.

Keep in mind that quick-service restaurants often have pre-prepared items rather than raw ingredients (ie chicken is already breaded cannot be plain grilled).

Also watch menus as many places do not have all their usual offerings right now.


Mar 13, 2020
It depends on the restaurant and cast member, probably how busy everyone is, or who knows what else. I went into a table service once and was just not doing well with the heat. I skimmed the menu and just nothing sounded good as I was a little nauseous while I was waiting to cool down. I asked nicely if they had something like a plain grilled cheese. Cast member offered to check, and came back with a sure, we can do that! My hubby did something similar once, and was told no. It's all good. We don't expect it, since it's an off menu item, but were grateful for a yes in my case.

So I guess in my experience the answer is maybe. However, as mentioned above, most menus have a kids menu with the very common items on them. If your son will go for chicken strips, hamburgers, sometimes hot dogs, sometimes pizza, etc. you should be good. Always check the menu before you go to ensure there is something he will eat.


Jun 4, 2016
That’s not always possible for certain needs in a place with limited restaurants. If the restaurant offers, then the op would not have any reason to believe that it’s a big deal. Perhaps she said something like oh he’s not going to eat anything b/c he only eats nuggets & they offered to provide them? I’ve said that for Ds (3) before & we just feed him before or after sit down dining b/c he won’t eat much there. I’ve had servers try to offer all kinds of things. We don’t ever take them up on it b/c usually DS has already eaten. But, I would I assume if they offered then it’s not a huge imposition.
I guess I could see that in any place, but Disneyland. The resort area is full of restaurants inside and outside the park gates that offer different options. If you take a child that will only eat nuggets to a place that doesn't serve nuggets that is on you. Telling people about them going to other restaurants to get your kid nuggets will only lead to more people expecting that. As we all know a nice gesture turns into an expectation of service.
If I take my kid to McDonald's for lunch no one in their right mind would expect the staff to go get him a taco from the place next door. Why should a Disney restaurant be any different?


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Jul 12, 2021
Table Service restaurants at Disneyworld usually try to accommodate every special need if possible. I’ve had special deserts made for my peanut/tree nut allergy son . I’ve heard of special dishes made for people with multiple food allergies. They will let an adult or someone 10 and over eat something off the kids menu ( paying for adult though ) if that’s what they can eat etc . If it isn’t a fixed price sometimes they will charge for a child . You’d be surprised what they will do to accommodate. I’ve found Disneyland less accommodating. It’s important to check menus online ahead of time and take notes . It all blends together if you don’t ! 🤪


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Feb 12, 2013
OP, do yourself a favor and DO NOT sit down to eat at a restaurant that doesn't explicitly have an entree on the menu that your son will eat. This is coming from a mom of 2 very picky autistic boys who are now 17 and 15 and we STILL have to do this. Do not expect the world to cater to your child. Teach your child to manage his limitations by going to places that you know will work for him.

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Aug 23, 1999
It’s nothing to do with DAS, but Table Service restaurants can often be more accommodating because they have more ingredients and equipment for making things, plus a chef who can use those things. They might also be able to get items from the menu of nearby quick service and cook them.

Quick Service restaurants are not likely to be able to make anything not on their menu. Most of their items are premade and just cooked or heated. Menu items change fairly often and you can’t count on children’s menus having chicken tenders, pizza, hamburgers or Mac & cheese. Those used to be the kids menus in most quick service, but you will be lucky to find one place in each park that has one of them.
check menus before you go at allears or WDWinfo.com
You can also check in the My Disney Experience app.

I’m going to close this thread now since the question has been answered.
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