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    Hi everyone!

    I was listening to some older podcasts and just got to thinking about some of the amazing memories I've made in the last 12 months or so because of the Dis.

    Having the Give Kids the World meet at the Animal Kingdom Lodge Grand Villa was an amazing experience. I made some great friends that trip...not to mention meeting Kathy and Katie and Kevin and John for the first time. By the way...really great people!!! Spent some fun but wet time at the Food and Wine classic and also hung out with a great bunch of dis'ers at Jellyrolls. :dance3:

    That meet was also was the opportunity for me to goto disapalooza. I made some great friends there and we shared some great memories at disapalooza. Without them I never would've gone. Dbf is not the crazy disney fan that I am and had no plans on heading back to Disney just a couple of months after the last trip. It was also my first Christmas trip to the world and I was completely awestruck by everything. I also got to chat with some of the Disneyland crew and ..wow are they nice!

    Then there was "one more disney day". This trip just happened to fall on an Orlando getaway we had planned. Once again, was able to get together with my friend Shelly who I met at the AKL meet and spend the night in MK. Hanging with the gang and seeing the backside of water in the dark...lol, riding Carousel of Progress for the first time at midnight ( BTW..great idea Skip) and seeing the magic memories and you show as the sun was coming up. Also spending some quality time chatting with Teresa, Kathy and Katie. BTW Kathy, Katie is hysterical.

    So although I don't have one magical trip planning moment from the Dis...I have a ton of amazing memories. So Thanks Pete for creating this place that has pretty much opened my world to meeting such great people and doing so many amazing things that I never would've done without "the Dis"

    I probably could've sent this in to the podcast for how the dis has helped me plan my Disney trips but I decided to start this thread hoping everyone else here would share some of their positive experiences.

    Lately, I've been reading so many things about what Disney does wrong and it started to get me angry.:mad: I'm not going to even get into ...."the people these days" speech. So I wanted to share the amazing experiences I've had...without Disney making a magical moment...or a expecting a castmember to give me something because I..tripped over the sidewalk..or it dared to rain on my vacation. The simple magic of just being there is why I love Disney and why I went back 3x in 6 mos.

    Disclaimer...I met so many amazing people that I couldn't begin to mention all your names. You all know who you are!!!:grouphug:

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