Dining reservations and split stays


Earning My Ears
Feb 4, 2021
Can MS do dining reservations?

I have an 8 day stay that is split across 5 reservations and 2 different accounts and cash reservations. MDE is not seeing them all as linked, do I have different 60 day windows?

1. Friday night, 60 days from now, cash (resort 1)
2. Sat, Sun - DVC my own points (resort 2)
3. Mon, Tues, Wed - (resort 2) DVC, someone else's points, res is in my name, in my account on MDE
4. Thurs, Fri - (resort 2) DVC my own points (but a different contract and UY)
5. Sat - Cash (resort 3)

I can only see 1 and 2 as able to book on line right now. Reservations all have the exact same names. They are noted as a continuing stay Do I need to wait for a new window for #3(and on)?


Chris Ehlers

Disney DeadHead
Aug 5, 2018
Disney veiws split stays as individual reservations, so they dont care that that its one continuous stay in your eyes. so each reservation has its onw 60 day window we experienced this during our August trip this year as we added days to existing reservation and it would let us book as one whole trip for the added stay. it sucks im sorry

Red Dog Run

Jul 25, 2020
One advantage of dining on split stays is when DDP is available, you can take it for half the stay if needed.
We do this. On a 10 day stay, we took the Deluxe Dining Plan for the 1st half, then moved resorts and did our own thing for the second.