Did anyone else get to see Raven?


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Dec 22, 2001
Raven was performing at MGM while we were there. We got to see her perform and then stood in an extremely long line to meet her and get her autograph.

Needless to say the kids were absolutely thrilled and it is probably their favorite memory of the trip....MEETING RAVEN!!!
my sister and her friend stood in line to get a picture and autograph from Raven while my mother and I were at the Spectacle of Pins event. They both were excited about it!!!

:wave2: princess:
I didn't get to hear her perform, or get her autograph, but she was part of the opening show for the Disney HAND Fantasyland Ride A Thon.

We didn't know she was going to be there but we had two opportunities to see her. However, we are two adults and not really interested.

We finally saw the sign in MGM that she was appearing and that explained the line and crowds. Less people on TOT and RnR for me. :)

Then, one night we went to dinner at Citricos in the GF and she was in the GF lobby in front of the x-mas tree and they were filming her. I don't think that was advertised. There was only a small group of people that were looking to see who/what was being filmed.
When we were at MGM we had the fantasmic package and was entering the fastasmic area through the super secret entrance when I looked up and saw three or four people with a Disney security guard. It turned out to be Raven and a few friends. The woman in front of me asked her "Arent you Raven?" She aswered "Yes I am" The woman replies "my daughter loves you" and Raven answered " Why thank You, would you like to get an autograph for her?". The woman then began frantically digging for her daughters autograph book. I thought it was very cool that she would do that for her daughter. Raven smiled and waved at us as we went on by (We didnt want to keep her any longer, she looked as if she had a really long day and looked to be leaving for the day.) It was neat to see a celebrity that close especially one who could have easily blown the woman off but didnt.
Yes we saw her! We did not see her show but my friend waited in line for an hour to have her autograph the CD for her 9 year old. I bought a small tinkerbell notepad and the nice lady behind my friend had it autographed for my 9 year old(I wouldn't wait in line). She wrote "I love Disney too". Raven was great. The girls back home were thrilled!


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