Did anyone else get EVERY SINGLE ADR they wanted? We did!

Discussion in 'Disney Dining Reservations' started by The_Princess's_Mommy, Jul 4, 2009.

  1. The_Princess's_Mommy

    The_Princess's_Mommy Mouseketeer

    Aug 5, 2008
    Waking up at 6am was totally worth it! We did online ADRs for the first time, and it was seamless. We got EVERY SINGLE ADR we wanted! Thought I'd share:

    10/3 6:15 dinner Tutta Italia
    10/4 7:05 dinner at Ohana
    10/5 7:00 dinner at Cape May
    10/6 7:15 dinner at Coral Reef
    10/7 9:25 breakfast at Chef Mickey, 7:00 dinner at Chef de France
    10/8 6:05 dinner at Boma
    10/9 6:40 dinner at Le Cellier
    10/10 6:00 dinner at San Angel

    We are a party of 5, so I was nervous we wouldn't get anything, but we did!

    Share your good news too!!
  2. Metsoskil

    Metsoskil Trainer of Younglings, Passionately Curious

    Aug 18, 2007
    We did (and have every trip since we started making ADRs in 2007).

    8/9 - Boma (10:30AM)
    8/10 - Sanaa (5PM)
    8/11 - Yak and Yeti (5:45PM) - actually wanted 6PM, but I'm not sure what time their last dinner seating is on that day.
    8/13 - Whispering Canyon (5PM)
    8/15 - Crystal Palace (8:10 AM) - actually wanted 8:05, but 5 min. won't kill us
    8/16 - Tusker House w/ priority seating for Nemo (1:05PM)
    8/17 - Plaza (12:15PM)
    8/18 - Chef Mickey's (7:35AM)
    8/19 - 'Ohana (5:30PM)
    8/22 - Plaza (6:10PM)

    We also got Le Cellier for the 12th and a Fantasmic Dinner Package that we cancelled. I can't justify paying Le Cellier prices when paying out of pocket, even w/ the TIW discount - it's not worth it. On the DDP, I love eating there. And with the changes to the Fantasmic Package entrance, we didn't feel it was worth it.
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  4. Neesy228

    Neesy228 DIS Veteran

    Apr 9, 2008
    Congrats! That's awesome! :cool1:

    We are also a party of 5 and had great success a couple of weeks ago...I had one time that i didn't like, but I was able to fix that online a few days later. :woohoo:

    9/20 Akershus breakfast, Ohana dinner
    9/21 CM breakfast
    9/22 Tonys (before MNSSHP)
    9/23 H&V lunch
    9/24 Garden Grill dinner
    9/25 Tusker House breakfast
    9/26 Cap'n Jacks dinner
    9/27 CRT breakfast
    9/28 Plaza lunch
  5. VegasMike21

    VegasMike21 <font color=blue>I couldn't stop laughing when the

    Apr 16, 2007
    I did as well! The only thing I wasn't able to get the time I wanted for one ony my ressie's. Had to settle for a late dinner at Tony's but it's all good. I can't complain especially since it's FREE!

    10/2- Tony's 8PM
    10/3- Coral Reef 6PM
    10/4- Prime Time Cafe 1PM
    10/5- Le Cellier 12:20 PM
    10/6- Crystal Palace 9AM
  6. Connerzmom

    Connerzmom Mouseketeer

    May 3, 2009
    I got everything we wanted except I had to take an early time for dinner one day and I had to switch 2 park days around.
  7. DisCopper

    DisCopper DIS Veteran

    Apr 8, 2008
    I generally what I ask for... that's without getting up early to book on the first day.

    The only exception seems to be Le Cellier, which has exploded in popularity in the last few years. I've been told "no" on that one about 3 times.
  8. mom2taylorandemily

    mom2taylorandemily Not so patiently waiting our next trip to Disney..

    Jun 14, 2006
    Yep we did too! The only adjustment I made was that 1 or 2 were not on the exact time I wanted, but within 20 minutes, so I feel we did very well.

    8/16 Tusker House Breakfast
    8/17 Tony's Town Square Dinner, Wishes Desert Party (DDs 10th Birthday)
    8/18 Teppan Edo Dinner
    8/19 Sci Fi Dinner
    8/20 Kona Dinner
    8/21 Crystal Palace Dinner
    8/22 Askershus Breakfast, Biergarden Dinner
    8/23 50's Prime Time Lunch Then we go home :sad:
  9. lustergirl

    lustergirl DIS Veteran

    Aug 25, 2005
    Yes I did. Had to switch times and dates for Chef Mickey's though.
  10. Chellymouse

    Chellymouse DIS Veteran

    Oct 30, 2007
    This is the first time that we have a group of five (usually it's just DH and I) and although we didn't get exactly what we wanted, we did get every restaurant we wanted!

    8/7 CP 6:20pm
    8/8 Ohana 5:15pm
    8/9 50's Prime Time 6:05pm
    8/10 LeCellier 8:35pm
    8/11 Turf Club 6:10pm
    8/12 Spirit of Aloha 5:15pm
    8/13 no ADRs
    8/14 Ohana breakfast 9:15am
  11. pixidust princess

    pixidust princess Mouseketeer

    Mar 1, 2006
    Congrats!!! Please send pixidust my way, as I make my ADR's tomorrow. I will be up at 4:30 our time to be ready to make my ADR's online at 5:00am here in Illinois.
  12. tggrrstarr

    tggrrstarr DIS Veteran

    Apr 28, 2008
    Got everything I wanted within 30 minutes of my desired time! I even got Le Cellier on the day and exact time I wanted. I am so excited. I was very flexible with a couple days, since we will be in MK on at least three days, those adrs were interchangable, thank God. I almost freaked when I could only get Tony's at lunch time on Sunday, but just switched it for Kona on Thursday and now have both for dinner. (I really wanted to eat at Kona earlier in the trip anyway). My adr's are listed on the October ADR thread.
  13. CSS1996

    CSS1996 Mouseketeer

    Mar 3, 2008
    We got everything we wanted too!! So happy!!!:banana::dance3::banana:

    <a href="http://www.magicalkingdoms.com/timers/"><img src="http://www.magicalkingdoms.com/timers/tickers/iz6m09w94gc056lx.png" alt="magicalkingdoms.com Ticker" border="0"/></a><br> <a href="http://www.magicalkingdoms.com/timers/"> <font size="-1">Free Disney Tickers</font></a>
  14. MagiKitty

    MagiKitty <img src=http://photopost.wdwinfo.com/data/500/509

    Oct 30, 2006
    Congrats to everyone who got their ADRs!

    I made my ADRs last Monday, and was totally freaking out about it. But the BF set it straight and told me that it was FREE dining, and I should just enjoy being able to eat anywhere! I got most of what I wanted on day one, kept trying every day afterward, and now I'm super-duper pleased with everything!

    Now we just have to plan what we're eating....YUM! :woohoo:
  15. The_Princess's_Mommy

    The_Princess's_Mommy Mouseketeer

    Aug 5, 2008
    :wizard: pixie dust!! pixie dust!! Looks like we will be there the same time!

    Good luck with your ADRs tomorrow. One piece of advice...when you are ready to check out, MAKE SURE you click the box that says "I accept these terms blah blah blah". I didn't do that the first time, and I had to hit the back button, and a lost ALL my ADRs!!! My cart was empty!! I had to start over, but luckily I still got what I wanted.

    Just thought I'd share, so that doesn't happen to anyone else!! Good luck!
  16. WhateverLolaWants

    WhateverLolaWants DIS Veteran

    Jul 10, 2008
    We got everything we wanted as well. I have been so worried about not finding ADRs for our trip, especially during the beginning, due to free dining. Let me just say this though - online ADRs are so dangerous! I had my restaurants booked, and then an hour later was playing around and found CRT for MNSSHP and switched things around. :rotfl:

    10/2 Spirit of Aloha @ 8pm - 1st tier. Hoped to use credits, but 2nd and 3rd tiers are sold out
    10/3 Planet Hollywood @ 12pm, California Grill @ 545pm
    10/6 CRT @ 510pm
    10/7 Coral Reef @ 415pm
    10/8 Tutto Italia @ 430pm
    10/9 Chef Mickey's @ 8am
  17. transitauthority

    transitauthority Mouseketeer

    Apr 9, 2006
    We're going during free dining in September. We have deluxe dining and I just knew it was going to be bad getting all the adr's we wanted. Well, we are going for 10 days and on the first call we got every single adr at the exact time we wanted. I couldnt believe it. I thought I'd be calling back for months trying to get changes done. But nope, it went so smooth!
  18. Danauk

    Danauk <font color=green>I would be sitting on the patio

    Jun 27, 2003
    We got everything we wanted within 10 minutes of the requested time for the 1st week of free dining. We got:
    8/16 - Boma @ 7pm
    8/18 - Mama Melrose @ 6:10pm
    8/19 - Marakkesh @ 6:30pm
    8/20 - Yachtsmans Steakhouse @ 7:55pm
    8/21 - Crystal Palace @ 8:05am
    8/21 - Sanaa @ 5:00pm
    8/22 - California Grill @ 7:55PM
    8/23 - Le Cellier @ 6:00pm

    We were very happy we got all our 1st choices!!
  19. loperella

    loperella *Sunny Daze*

    May 11, 2009
    You'll be fine but sending some pixie dust anyway! pixiedust:

    Was on the computer right at 6 and by 6:15 I was pretty much done. It seemed amost too simple & good to be true! Love the online system!!!:thumbsup2

    10/2- WCC @ 8:30 pm
    10/3- Tutto @ 5:45 pm
    10/4- Coral Reef @ 4:40 pm
    10/5- CM @ 5:30 pm
    10/6- CRT @ 8:15 am
    10/7- Ohana @ 7:10 pm
    10/8- LeCellier @ 5:25 pm
    10/9- Boma @ 5:30 pm
  20. FozzieFan

    FozzieFan Mouseketeer

    Aug 22, 2007
    I'm so happy to see all of the success stories! I'm have a mini anxiety attack every time I think about making my ADRs. My 90 day mark is tomorrow morning, I'll all set to be at my computer at 5:45 waiting for the 6am start time. I'm just scared I'll get nothing I want, which I know won't happen, but still I'll be so much happier once it's all over and done with.
  21. Pirate Me

    Pirate Me DIS Veteran

    Jan 17, 2007
    We did too. Very relieved about that. I was mostly worried about 'Ohana because many people have been saying that they aren't finding it, but we got the time we wanted for that and everything else. :)

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