DHS to Epcot via International Gateway: First-Time, Long-timer

Discussion in 'Transportation' started by shawy1269, Jul 30, 2010.

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    Jul 2, 2010
    In all the years (roughly 25) i've been going to WDW...I've never gone to Epcot via the International Gateway. Its only thanks to these boards that I now know that it even exists. I knew there was a boat that went to the Epcot resorts from WS, but never knew I could actually enter the park there. I would love to wow my parents and niece with my knowledge of insider secrets when we visit the parks next month by entering EPCOT through the IG.

    So my question is, without being a resort guest...is this do-able? I've read from some pretty angry Boardwalk Villa owners, that parking at the Boardwalk is a no-no. Could there be an exception in this case? Another option is to park at DHS and take the friendship boat to Epcot. My only concern is that the boat would not be making return trips at park close after Illuminations, back to DHS. Anyone out there know when the friendship boats stop running back to DHS? I know that DHS is opened til 10 on a few nights while we'll be there , while WS closes at 9 on the same night. Would the friendship boats run later if DHS was still open? FYI, my parents are older and walking is out of the question.

    Or, has anyone ever parked at an Epcot resort and made the walk-ride over to the park without incident? I know its a no-no...but I would like to think Walt would be lenient with me, let me off for time served. Any suggestions or info would be appreciated.
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    Mar 12, 2010
    As far as parking at a resort it is not allowed and they lots have gates with attendants. You can park there if you are going to eat in the resort but I think only for 3 hours.

    After Illuminations the boats only go to DHS if DHS is open or still bringing people to Epcot or back to the resorts near Epcot.

    You could use them to park hop if you have park hoppers. You might try eating somewhere around the boardwalk for lunch on an Epcot day to use the gateway and the boats if you would like.
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    It is not allowed to park at BW for park access. You could park behind the Hess Station if you wanted to, but it's a hike to BW from there.
    I would suggest parking at DHS and taking the boat to Epcot from there. The boat will run at least an hour after Epcot closes.
    If you were to get caught, at Epcot, with no boats running, and needed to get back to DHS, you can actually walk there. Walk out of the Intl Gateway...head towards BW. When you get to BW, go through the Village Green area, through the underpass tunnel (on the right side of the VG) through the pool area and out to the sidewalk that runs behind BW. Go left on the sidewalk and continue on to DHS. It takes about 20 mins to make the walk. It is actually quicker to walk to DHS from Epcot than taking the boat. I've done it many times. The walk is very safe as the sidewalk is well lit and open.
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    Even if Studios is already closed when you leave Epcot, boats will be leaving Epcot WELL after park closing. They "may" quit running all the way to the Studios before they quit running from Epcot to the Epcot resorts.

    Here are your choices. If Studios closed at 7pm and you are not leaving Epcot till 10pm, then you need to do the following. Exit the "front" of Epcot and talk to a transportation manager and tell them your car is at the Studios.

    There is a bus that runs between the front of Epcot and the Studios. I "think" it still runs well after the Studios is closed for just that very purpose.

    You could also take the monorail from the front of Epcot to the TTC. There should also be a bus from the TTC to the Studios. Bus drivers have told us that the buses from the TTC to the parks run very late for folks to retrieve their cars.

    Your third option is to ask the boat driver if they are still running to Studios. If not, get off at Boardwalk (the closest stop to the Studios), then one of your party could walk out to the parking lot, retrieve the car and drive over to Boardwalk to pick up the rest of the party that can't make the walk.

    OR, as you leave Epcot from the front, grab a cab to the Studios parking lot.

    However, if Studios is open till 8 or 9 that evening, then you should have no problem taking the boat all the way back to the Studios.
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    Jul 13, 2005
    a lot of trouble to go to just to show your family the back gate to Epcot :confused3. I mean, you could just point it out when you go by it or take them out that way and show them the Epcot resorts. But I can't see going to the time & trouble to park at DHS just to go through the International Gateway. Not really that big a deal IMHO.

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