Deck 2 AFT


Aug 19, 1999
Could someone....anyone..who has stayed on level 2 aft in a cat.10 room pls. tell me if they were bothered by engine noise? I was just reading a trip report on another website and the person said to avoid this area at all costs due to loud engine noises all night. Tried to get room relocation but nothing is available. I was wondering about other people's experience with this. Thanks!
We were in CAT 9, 2618 , and 2108. You could hear the engine noise, but to us it was a very smoothing sound, put you to sleep. Have rebooked 2108 for August this year. Very nice location, right next to the elevators.
We were in Cat 9, room 2646. We only heard engine noises as the ship was docking and again as we were leaving a port. We used this sound as a wake up call, since if we were docking we would want to leave the ship soon. As for noises all night, there were none. My parents were in 2650 and they complained one night (2AM) of loud music. We're not sure where that was coming from but when they called guest services about the noise it stopped immediately. We didn't hear it just 2 doors down. I also brought along a nature sounds machine that we used the first few nights in case we did have any trouble sleeping. My husband said that the sounds from that bothered him so we only used it 2 nights. When I booked my next cruise in May I asked for the same room since we had no trouble last time.
My sisters and I were in 2632 on September 15th 4 night on the Magic. We heard noise, but did not keep us from sleeping.


We were in 2584 and heard little to no noise at all. We found deck 2 comfortable and we only heard noise when they were loading/unloading stuff on/off the ship going over the rollers. Certainly didn't keep us awake. Have a great trip and enjoy. We were hardly ever in the room so don't worry about it.
We were in 2610 on the Magic last week. We loved our room, as it was close to the aft elevators. The noise wasn't a problem for us. It's kind of soothing sound rather than a loud noise. Have a great trip!
I had more than one question about the noise on Deck 2 while I maintained a "Let me answer your questions, 'live' from the Magic" thread (<a href="">link</a>) during our 5/26 Magic cruise, so I went down to Deck 2 and did my own evaluation.

First of all, let me state that, for the majority of the rooms, Deck 2 is very quiet and you should have no problem staying there. But there are some zones where staterooms are near loud mechanical equipment (electrical lockers, transformer rooms, a/c equipment rooms, ship's propellers, cargo hatches, etc.).

So with the disclaimer that "your mileage may vary" and that you may be willing to put up with the "dull roar" in exchange for a good fare, these are the rooms that are in noisy zones:

<nl><li>2000 - 2004
<li>2036 - 2045
<li>2078 - 2096
<li>2114 - 2129
<li>2139 - 2153
<li>2500 - 2520
<li>2534 - 2547
<li>2586 - 2600
<li>2630 - 2653</nl>

Also, on Deck 1, you might want to avoid 1030 - 1037.

The noise in these zones is not so loud that it would ruin your vacation, but if you are sensitive to noise, you would probably want to consider another room or be sure to bring earplugs to wear when you go to bed.

we were in 2032, and you will definately hear and feel the vibrations of the club music and dancing coming from the floor above. This went from aroung 11 p.m. until 1 a.m. or so. With a 5 and 6 year old at the time, we were usually putting them down around 10 p.m. or so, and then the dancing kicked in above.

I would consider not staying below the night club if you think this may bother you.

Either way, enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We've stayed under the nightclubs, and although we could hear the bass, we were keeping late hours and were typically so exhausted when we returned to our stateroom that we had little trouble falling asleep.
The only Deck 2 stateroom that I DEFINITELY would never do again is 2626. We got some noise from the food preparation above, which was okay, but we were right over a loading/unloading door, and that was AWFUL. I barely got any sleep the entire trip! I never realized just how early we actually dock at Port Canaveral until I stayed in that stateroom.
Overall, aft is my favorite spot on the ship. I sleep with a white noise machine, so I like to hear the hum of the engines. It helps me nod off to sleep, and aft is typically a quiet, less-travelled area.
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OOPs, they are forward, not aft.....sorry.....but any info on the CAT 12 would be appreciated. :D

We were in 2607 on the Magic and we did hear engine noises. The 1st night it kept me awake and I was also surprised that I was able to hear the other inside cabin that was beside us talking. However, the rest of the cruise it didn't bother me. I guess I either got used to it or I was just too tired that the moment my head hit the pillow I was asleep.

I must say though that after being on deck 5 (secret porthole room), I did prefer being higher. The location was very convenient and it was quieter and having a window for the price of not was a real added bonus.


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