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Aug 19, 1999
Does anyone know what time the buses start leaving the terminal for the trip back to MCO? Do they go to airport and WDW resorts or are there seperate buses for these locations? We have to be back at MCO as early as possible when we return.
DCL has separate buses that go to the MCO and WDW. The buses start to fill up as soon as people collect their bags from the terminal. Usually around 9:30 or so.

Thanks for answering my questions. 9:30 is too late a start for us. We need to be off the ship and on our way by 9 a.m. so I guess I will start looking at a shuttle service.
Thanks 999ghts for the correction! I knew is was early, I had no idea it was that early. We ususally linger over breakfast as we hate the thought of leaving the ship.

Thanks again!!!

I've never gotten to MCO later than 9:45 after a cruise. This usually includes checking in and getting through security. We're usually finished with breakfast before they have cleared the ship, so we hang out in the promenade lounge until they start letting people off. The last time we went, it took a bit longer because we had to get our bags off the bus and then check them in. We were still waiting at our gate before 10:30. Now that they've re-instated bag checks at the pier (or so I'm told), it should be eaisier to check in at the airport again.

I think every bus I've taken has left the pier before 8:30.
Thanks Senor,

You've given me hope of catching my flight on time. My flight leaves at 11:45 A.M. and we're using Disney transportation.

Was getting a little anxious that I wasn't gonna be making that flight.


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