Day Two, Part Two


"TO MILE 9!!!"
Sep 30, 2003
I was ready to buy that painting on the spot – DH was not so much. We decided to walk out of the store before making any rash decisions and head to the Rose and Crowne for dinner while we discussed the painting. At the Rose and Crowne I did the unthinkable and asked for a table inside – it was just to cold to sit outside and I don’t like my food to get cold before I am halfway through it. We split the cheese and fruit platter for an appetizer. DH had a Guiness – his first and really like it! I had a Baileys on the rocks (Yummy!) DH had the Roasted Chicken with the best Sage Stuffing I have ever had. The chicken was cooked with an apple-onion marmalade that it made it very very sweet it was great. I orderd the Fish and Chips and have to say it wasn’t as good as last year but still pretty yummy.

During dinner the painting was discussed at great length. Yes technically we could afford it…but is it something we really want to invest that much money it….do we think we will really like it years from now….we finished up dinner before the fireworks and decided to walk around the showcase some more. AT about 8:30 DH says lets go back and look at the painting. So we skipped Illuminations and went back to the Art of Disney Store to look at the painting. Now DH has decided to buy it and I’m not sure. This always happens we are never on the same page at the same time.

We walked out of the store without our painting thinking we had all week to think about it…..


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Aug 31, 2003
more please..........

did you, or didn't you......


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