Day 8: Universal, DISmeet and a trip to the doctors..

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Oct 30, 2000
Cast : Myself (Johann)
Dsis Tricia (ThumperThistle)

Day 8 : Universal Studios and a DIS meet, oh and a trip to the doctor!!!

Up and out and on the bus to Universal Studios by 9am. When we arrived we set off on the treck to the entrance. Finally got there and bought a one day pass. When we got in we went to ride E.T first. At the end of the ride Tricia heard E.T say her name and the names of everyone on our bike. I never heard mine. From here we went to ride Back to the Future, waited a few minutes to get on, usually love this ride but it was so jerky, tossed all over the place and banged my head on the back of the seat numerous times  Went on Jaws next which we both enjoyed. From here we headed to Earthquake and the drama began. Into the first room where they show you video clips of earthquakes. It was very very hot in here. I turned round and Tricia was looking down at the floor. I asked her if she was alright, she said she needed a drink and then keeled over and hit the floor :eek: This scared the living daylights out of me because nothing ever happens to Tricia and she is never sick! The man next to me helped me to get her up and take her outside. He offered to stay with us but I told him we would be fine. (If you are reading this and you are the kind guy from Liverpool, thank you so much). The CM said he would call for the medics. We waited in the baby swap area and Tricia had a drink and said she felt better, even though she looked ghastly and the bite on her swollen foot was turning purple. After a 20minute wait the medic arrived, he was called Jim and was very nice. He said her fainting was probably dehydration. Asked him to look at the bite and he said it looked like a spider bite, it was probably infected(I had been saying that for days) and she should see a doctor as soon as possible. We left Earthquake and went across the street and had lunch. I said we should return to the hotel, get the insurance certificate and go to a doctor. Tricia said she felt fine and would go to the doctor tomorrow, she didn’t want to spoil my day. At this moment I turned into my mum and told she had just scared the **** out of me and she was seeing a doctor today!!!!

Headed for exit, stopping to buy a Scooby Doo t-shirt for my friends little boy. Torrential rain started so we sheltered in the store before leaving at approx 12.15pm. When we got to the bus stops we phoned Mears to get our pick up time changed. They couldn’t get us on another bus until 3.30pm, we hadn’t had our hands stamped so we couldn’t get back into the park, so we had a long wait on an uncomfortable bench. I did insist Tricia sit with her foot elevated.

Back at hotel for 4pm and phoned holiday company to get advice on where to go to see a doctor. Settled on Center Care, phoned to arrange transportation, they had a driver who had just dropped off at All Star Sports so he came along to pick us up. When we got there we were told it was a 2 to 3 hour wait :eek: We are supposed to meeting people at 6.30pm :eek: Tricia was given lots of forms to complete with some of the strangest questions. Anyway, she was seen at 6.25pm, the doctor said the bite was infected (I had my I told you so face on) and that she needed an antibiotic for the infection and steriods for the swelling. Waited for the prescription then went to pay (we don’t pay for medical treatment so this was a new experience), the nice lady typed into her keyboard and said, “That will be $119 please!” Went through to pharmacy to collect prescription and that came to $80. Mr VISA paid and she got receipts for claiming the money back on our insurance when we got home. While we were waiting for the prescription the driver who had brought us here came in and told us he was parked just outside and he would take us back to hotel whenever we were ready. He was really friendly but I can’t remember his name.

We got back to the hotel at 7.05pm and ran to see if Morven (udnylad), Suzanne, Kerri and Liam were still there. They were :D We had a lovely chat with them about what parks etc… we had been to and what they had been doing and about our trip to the doctor. Myself and Tricia were really pleased they had waited, they are a lovely family and we enjoyed the couple of hours we spent with them.

We said our goodbyes at 9.15pm and we returned to the room. We were supposed to be going to E-night but I was feeling sick (hadn’t eaten for hours) and I really thought it best if Tricia could rest that foot. She had to take her first 6 tablets in one go!!!!!!!! I was up most of the night checking she was still alive, honestly I was totally stressed out. These things don’t happen to Tricia, they normally happen to me.

Hopefully tomorrow will be a more peaceful day.
i'm glad to hear that she finally went to the doctor!! i certainly hope she's all better now...
Boy that was some day! I am glad she finally went to the doctor's! She was a real trouper though! Thanks for sharing.
Glad it turned out all right in the end, (mucho dollars & time later)!

Thanks for the post!


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