Dairy free at two resturants?

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    Mar 15, 2010
    Hi. We travel to Disney once a year and have eaten at a lot of places and find the dairy free options GREAT! (usually I can have more than a salad.)

    However, in EPCOT we have never eaten at Rose and Crown Pub, Coral Reef, Resturant Marrakesh or Nine Dragons...... does anyone know what type of dairy free options they may have for me? ( I am allergic not lactose intolerant)

    Any info would be great as it is time to make ADRs!:thumbsup2

    (PS....sorry about the heading! It's obviously MORE than two - my bad)
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    Of those, I've only eaten at Coral Reef. Chef Kim was really good with us though we're a heck of a lot more than just milk free so our options are much more limitted than yours. We had plenty of options for our meals. Here's what we got (again, remember that we're free of a lot more than just milk).

    DD14 would eat steak with mushrooms every day if we'd let her. The picture doesn't show it well but that was a beautiful assortment of mushrooms.

    The presentation IMO was very lacking but the fish was cooked to perfection and the sauce was delicious. I do wish I had a better option for the side. What's not showing in the picture is the additional side that was served separately though I can't recall what it was (probably mushrooms since I love mushrooms as much as DD14).

    DD11 is one of the plainest eaters in the world. The chef offered to make her something more interesting but this is what she wanted. It was perfectly cooked. She actually loves spinach so it's not like that was the only option she had.

    Desserts: The brown stuff over the vanilla ice cream (Toffuti) is Enjoy Life chocolate that was grated on a microplaner that the chef keeps for this specific purpose.

    One of these days I'd like to try Rose & Crown but up until now there's been nothing on the menu that is both easily modifiable to be safe for DD11 and also appealing to her at the same time (both criteria can be met individually but I need both or she'll be miserable).

    I won't eat at Nine Dragons. Allergy reviews I've read have been mediocre at best and I'm not a big fan of WDW restaurants that aren't owned and operated by Disney. I've considered giving Marrakesh a try despite being non-Disney but they make me nervous because of not being a Disney restaurant plus there's the DD11 fussiness as well.

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