CSAA Ratings of CA Attractions


Sep 13, 1999
The California State Automobile Association (CSAA, part of AAA) in the May/June issue of their publication "Via" has a one page box article "The Dish on California Adventure" (p. 14).

The brief text paragraph at the start is by Amy Graph starts out "Disney's new California Adventure park offers a thrid the number of rides but the same $43 price tag as neighboring Disneyland." She adds "If possible, use Fastpass ..."

The ratings are in alpha order.

The thumbs up ratings go to:
+California Screamin' (has fastpass)
+Disney Animation
+Golden Dreams
+Golden Vine Winery
+Grizzly River Run (has fastpass)
+Hyperion Theater
+It's Tough to be a BUg! (has fastpass)
+Muppet(r) Vision 3D (has fastpass)
+Orange Stinger
+Redwood Creek Challenge Trail
+Soarin' Over California (has fastpass)

The thumbs down go to:
-Boudin Bakery Tour ("as exciting as watching bread rise")
-Golden Zephyr
-Jumpin' Jellyfish
-King Triton's Carnival ("Beautiful - but nothing new")
-Mission Tortilla Tour
-Mulholland Madness (has fastpass)
-Sun Wheel ("Great views, but a Ferrise wheel is a Ferris wheel")
-Superstar Limo ("The worst!")

Most of the criticism of the downers seems to have the common aspect of missing any uniqueness / novelty / imagination.
Actually, I found the AAA ratings to be pretty good...

I might break it down further into A++ (Soarin', CA Screamin', Mailiboomer, Animation Exhibit), A & F ( Bread Tour, Tortilla Factory, Superstar Limo).



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