Crowds Last Week of June


DIS Veteran
Jan 29, 2002
My husband and 8 yo son will be in Orlando from June 27-July 1. They will be visiting the parks on June 28, 29 and 30th. What do you think crowds will be like that week? How busy will the parks be? Thanks!


DIS Veteran
Dec 29, 2000
I have that week off of work, and would love a trip to Disney to surprise the kids, so I would like to know too!

Bob P

DIS Veteran
Mar 16, 2005
It will be busy, no doubt. Schools are out all over the country and we'll be approaching July 4 weekend.

It will be busier the next week, but that week will be hopping!!


Queen Be

Earning My Ears
Apr 28, 2005
We will be in Disney also from June 26 to July 3. I know I called Disney to ask about something and I learned that WL, CBR, and POR are completely sold out for that time frame, so I translated that to mean that as another poster said, "Things will be hopping!"


DIS Veteran
Dec 15, 2004
I was at WDW last year from 6/26-7/5. The crowds at the beginning of the trip were normal for the summer, but they got worse and worse as July 4th came closer. As long as you're not in the parks the first few days of July, it shouldn't be too bad. Just go in early, use fast pass, and drink lots of water!!

For those of you planning on visiting a park on 7/4- I highly suggest you make other plans. MK was the most crowded I have ever seen it (and I'm used to summer crowds) and it was just unbearable. I suggest you spend the day by the pool at your hotel, go resort hopping, or shop at DTD. There are plenty of places (I hear) that you can see the fireworks from. In my opinion, the fireworks just aren't worth those crowds! TO give you an idea-- we watched the fireworks at the end of Main Street, near the entrance to tomorrow land... It took AN HOUR to get to the front gate!!!

Have fun, and like I said, use fast pass and you'll be fine! I'm jealous, I'm not going back until next May!



DIS Veteran
Mar 19, 2001
DS, DD and I will be there 6/27-7/02. Keeping our fingers crossed for good weather and manageable crowds!



DIS Veteran
Mar 21, 2005
We will be there from 6/25 to 7/1. I think we will all have to be patient. We are doing MK during the week so hopefully it won't be that bad. I am expecting the worse. We normally go at the end of August when everyone is back in school. My main goal is to do Soarin' and the stuntshow. Thanks goodness I have all my PS's. :)


DIS Veteran
Apr 24, 2002
There are 17 of us going 6/26-7/2. The two families going with us have never been, so I hope my plan will work for us to see the most with the least waiting times. I've prepared them for heat and crowds, though.


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