Could not get back to sleep


Feb 24, 2014
Anyone else have trouble getting back to sleep after waking up early to make dining reservations? Today was our 180 days before our trip so 4:55 am was up and trudged to the computer to make reservations. Once it started, woke up fast as I was able to get most of the reservations we were hoping for. The only difficult one was Sci-Fi, we were hoping for dinner on an evening we were going to be at HS but with no times available, ended up doing lunch on another day later in the trip when we were planning on being at HS during the morning/afternoon. Otherwise booked Crystal Palace for a brunch (10:30 am), Plaza for an early dinner on a night where we hope to do the Christmas party, Be Our Guest for the last night of our trip (this is one that could change too, not a fan of the prices for the kids, especially since our 3 year old will have to pay the $30+, alternative thought was doing Skipper Canteen?). After half hour of doing this, was hoping to get back to sleep easily but that wasn't the case as I had all the times going through my head, making sure I didn't miss anything. Can only imagine making fast passes will be the same 😒.
Planning is very exciting
I would stay up and dream of the fun of gong to WDW :)
I have to say that I've never got up early to book ADRs. I usually book them later in the day after work and always make sure that I'm flexible about selections and dates and have alternatives. The only one we ever really want is V&A (though not necessarily every trip). While there are many places I'd like to dine at, the fact that I might not be able to get it is not going to ruin my vacation so I'm not that anxious about it. I've also used occasionally used Touring Plans search to find one that I might not have been able to get earlier. And I've made changes after my 180 days as DH decides he wants to do something else, our friends indicate that they'll be joining us, and even a day or two beforehand. So there's nothing that I absolutely have to have and I've always been able to find something that makes us happy. Now that there are more restaurants opening up in DS and other places, it's actually becoming more difficult to make decisions on which ones we want as there's more of those than time.

I never wake up at the crack of dawn to make dining ADRs.
I do it when I get to work around 9 AM
I've never had trouble even getting CRT dinners multiple times.

Doing it first thing just doesn't seem worth it to me. To some degree it's random choice because there are so many other people who have vacations starting and ending at different times relative to your own window. Your 180 day mark is in the middle of someone else's vacation. Your 180+ days will be before other people's 180 days have started.
I also don't get up for ADRs. I book later in the day & put anything I don't get thru the Touring Plans ADR finder tool (I've never not gotten what I'm looking for using this tool).

Quite frankly, my ADRs are going to get moved around later anyway as the trip gets closer, park hours change, FP's get chosen, and who knows anyway that they want to eat Mexican on a Tuesday night at 7 six months in advance (which is why the ADR finder works like a charm).
Since I'm in the Eastern Time zone, ADR time is about regular getting up time here. Back in May for our ADR day, I logged onto the computer right at 6 and got nothing but error messages. I ended up heading on into work and logged in a little after 7 and was able to get everything we wanted.

I'm already up by the time the reservation window is open even though I rarely have a hotel stay booked that far in advance. Waking up at 5:00 AM is late for me, LOL.

If I'm actually making reservations 180 or so days out I book the hard to get reservations and then stop. Gives me enough to build my FPs around when that window opens with a minimum of ADR changes.
Congrats on getting most of your ADR's I do not have your issue on waking up because the Marines trained me to well. Seven days a week no matter what I wake up between 04:15 and 04:25 hours to wake up platoons I no longer have. Sigh
Congrats on getting most of your ADR's I do not have your issue on waking up because the Marines trained me to well. Seven days a week no matter what I wake up between 04:15 and 04:25 hours to wake up platoons I no longer have. Sigh

I'll let you book our fast passes then! I wish I could get up that early all the time with no ill effects.
Meh, not worth the stress, went to the gym, made coffee, caught up on the news and decided to log on and start with the ADR's, as even after reading here, it seems like most ADR's are not easy to get the first day. As a matter of fact did not do well on that first day, ended up checking, using the reservation engines avail and then ended up getting what we wanted. There are other things in life to worry about not if we get a seat for Sci-Fi........
I work overnights so I'm always awake when ADR time roles around at 4am - no big deal to log in and grab what I want/need.
I'm getting up just before 3 so I can book our ADRs for December. I'm not excited about it but some places are important enough to us for me to do it.
Luckily for me it's a Sunday so hopefully I'll be able to go back to sleep after.
I am a bit of an insomniac so waking up early is no big deal for me. Comes in handy sometimes. :)

But I would definitely agree that once I wake up and have to use my brain that there is no way I am getting back to sleep.

Raptors Rule. :)


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