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Jan 29, 2001
We leave in 6 days!!!!!!!!! We need help planning the cost approx. cost of eating each day. We are staying in a hotel with a free continental breakfast, and we are a family of 2 adults, one child 6yr and one 2yr. 6yr old eats good but not large quantities and 2yr old is extremely picky. (we might even feed him yogurt or sandwiches in the hotel or from cooler in parks) Anyways, We are thinking free breakfast, $20 for lunch and $40 for dinner. Also realize that there will be snacks to buy along the way. Do you think $60 dollars a day is a fare buget amount. Your input is greatly appreciated.

PS. We have Res. for Crystal palace one morning figure that will be about $50. for that meal.
Hi Robin! This would be a great thread for the Budget Board. I'll copy this over there for you.


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Depending on what restaurants you go to it could cost more for a family of 4, especially the character meals. But for just counter service, and no breakfast to include, $60.00 per day for lunch and dinner should be adequate. You might even be able to split a meal between the two kids.

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We often do split a meal between the two kids, although its the 6yr old is starting to eat more and this isn't always possible. We do plan to use counter service for lunch and probably sit down dinners at casual places (around here it would be places like the 99 and AppleBees). We only plan to attend the one meal with Characters. Any more opinions would be great.
I just returned from WDW last night. There were 2 adults and a 6 y/o. We had the continental breakfast free, and we took the lunchables in our back pack and lots of snacks. We ate off site upon reurning to our hotel. We carried a back pack, put ice in a ziplock bag and that kept everthing cold. The day we went to MK, we took in a character dinner, which was $50 so that was the most expensive. The food did not seem to be really high but the lines looked very long. We sat at the tables while we ate and no one questioned us. I also froze water bottles and had cold water much of the day. I think $60 per day in enough to eat on. Let me know if you have any other questions and I will be happy to answer them for you.


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