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Discussion in 'The College Board' started by 2Xited4Disney, Jan 25, 2005.

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    Nov 30, 2004
    Hey everyone just another CP question to those enrolled or who have previously been enrolled. Cost... How much is Everthing. The reason why i am asking is because I have a trust set up that pays for all of my education. I attend University of Maine so I assume I will pay normal tuition but I wasn't sure about Room and Board and any extra costs...
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    Mar 7, 2004
    Rent is deducted from your paycheck each week, and includes all utilities. As far as other costs of the program itself, you're going to need to eat ... how much that costs each week depends on your eating habits. The apartments have kitchens, it's much cheaper to cook for yourself than to eat out every night. Class fees, textbooks, and your tuition at UMaine are the only other major fees ... I think there's a $60 housing deposit, but I may be off on the amount.
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    The housing deposit is still $60, though rents have gone up a little bit in the last year. (They've also increased pay, so there you go!)

    Basically, you pay to get down to Florida and back, for your rent while you're there (which is, like Eric said, magically deducted from your paycheck), and any food/going out costs you have. Some people come home from the CP with money in their pocket, others spend every night out at Jungle Jim's or Bennigans or shop all the time and come home with some debt. It's all in how you manage it, but your paychecks (assuming you're working the guaranteed 30-45 hours a week) should be enough to cover any other sort of basic living costs -- I didn't have problems paying for food or gas or anything like that out of the money I was making at work.

    You do not pay Disney for tuition. Because your school grants the credit, not Walt Disney World, you pay tuition to your school. It may be something you work out and pay on your return to school at the close of your program, or you may qualify for internship/work study/co-op hours which you might have to have your trust pay over the course of the semester. Additionally, you will have to buy your textbooks if you're taking a class.

    Your best source for any information relating to getting credit from your school is to talk to your campus reps and CP alumni; they will know who to talk to on your campus and what a typical student arrangement is like.

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