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    Aug 7, 2003
    Can you use Disney transportation?

    Is it convienent?

    Which DVC resort would require the least amount of walking from Dis. trans. (if avail.) to the room?

    what size units have the washer/dryer?

    How often is maid service?

    Kitchen? How big is the fridge? Is there a stove? Micro?

    Thanks for indulging me with your answers!!!! :) I am dreaming of a new home. ;)
  2. eva

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    Aug 20, 1999
    Let's see:

    Yes you can use Disney transportation at all DVC resorts. And it is just as convienent as any of the other WDW resorts.

    The least amount of walking from the room to the transportation is a bit tricky to judge. At BWV and BCV you have to walk to the main entrance of the resort for the bus stop. At OKW you usually have a bus stop only a couple buildings away. But at BWV and BCV you can walk to EPCOT and MGM if you don't mind a bit of a walk. I would say that each resort has about the same amount of walking to transportation.

    The 1-bedrooms and up have a washer and dryer. The studios do not.

    If you are staying less than 8 nights the only thing you will receive as far as cleaning goes is Trash and Towel on the 4th day. That means that you will have your trash taken out and the towels replaced that day. If you stay more than 7 nights than you will recieve a full cleaning during your stay. You can also purchase more full cleanings if you want. If I remember right it ranges from $25 for a studio to $60 for a grand villa per day.

    The kitchens at OKW are pretty good size. The kitchens in the rest of the resorts are fairly small. That's if you are talking a 1-bedroom or up. The studios do not really have a kitchen just a wetbar area with a small frig and microwave. The 1-bedrooms and up all have full size frigs, stoves, and microwaves.
  3. Dean

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    Aug 19, 1999
    Convenience is relative. The busses are fairly convenient depending on the resort and location of your unit within the resort. For certain resorts, the boats are convient to some but not to others. For the Epcot resorts, you can walk to both Epcot and MGM easily.
    I'd say OKW though what's truly most convenient depends on which resort you're going to. If you'd spend most of the time at Epcot or even MGM, BCV and BWV will be most convenient. For MK, WLV will be most convenient.

    There is quite a difference in the Kitchens at OKW compared to the others. OKW is more like a home kitchen using the Great room concept. There is a full size table and I think it's the only one with an icemaker. The rest (1 or 2 BR) are more like a compact Apartment kitchen. Useable and functional but crowded for more than one person. Also the rest have a small bar area on the back side of the kitchen area plus a smaller table. None of the rest will truly sit 6 to 8 at the table outside OKW (other than the 3 BR Grand Villas). You can accomodate the 6-8 by using the bar as bar stools are provided.
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    I can't add much to the answers already given except to say that I needed a ECV on our trip last week because of a medical problem. OKW was GREAT for that since I could take it directly into the unit and had plenty of room to manuever there as well. I too believe that some of the long hall walks and then still needing to traverse the area to transportation can actually be longer at some of the hotel type DVC resorts than at OKW or in the future, SSR, where bus stops are fairly near each building.
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    CrazedDisFan, you should also consider several other factors in deciding which resort is best for you and your family.

    Do you want the luxury condominium feel (OKW) or the feel of a luxury hotel (BCV/BWV) ? The VWL I feel is somewhat in-between because the actual villas are a separate building connected by covered walkway to the Wilderenss Lodge, whereas the Beach Club and Boardwalk villas are in the same "building".

    How much does location matter to you ? If being able to walk to Epcot or the Studios is important, then BWV or BCV. I'm really of mixed opinion as far as VWL and the Magic Kingdom - the boat access to the MK is very relaxing and convenient, but I found the bus service to be lacking. VWL shares it bus service with the other MK deluxe resorts which means there are often several other stops besides yours. In addition, the one time we had to use the bus during an e-ride night it took almost an hour to get to the park, and 1.5 hours to return. Why ? - because during that time it shares it't transportation with Fort Wilderness via the ticket and transportation center. Our return route was MK (medium wait) --> TTC (long wait) --> Fort Wilderness (multiple stops) --> Wilderness Lodge.

    Size - OKW 1-br and above is the winner, hands down. VWL, BCV, and BWV 1 br. and above are pretty much the same size as each other, but somewhat smaller than OKW. Again, luxury hotel feel vs. luxury community feel.

    There is no bad choice. We have stayed at 3 of the 4 so far [OKW, VWL, BWV] and have enjoyed our stays in all of them. Next summer we will add BCV to the list. We prefer OKW, it just seems to "fit" us better, but any DVC choice is usually more pleasant than most of the non-DVC options.

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