Connections Help! 4-Day Park Hopper Problem


DIS Veteran
Jan 29, 2000
After all the wonderful information I gathered on this board, I took the plunge and joined Connections - mostly for the 4-day Park Hopper Plus passes. They fit our needs exactly.
I went on-line and placed 3 Adult passes and 2 children passes in my shopping cart. At final check-out I received notice that the children's passes were processed but Connections was "unable to properly process this item" for the adult passes. I am supposed to call membership services. Of course, this is Sunday and they are closed.
Has this happened to anyone before? Any ideas what this means? Could they be out of the passes? I'm just trying to be prepared for when I call them tommorrow.
Thanks for any help!
Weird i ordered 2 adult hoppers today with no trouble. I would call customer service when they open tomorrow and ask.I believe they open at 6am CENTRAl time 1-800-339-0616 I think.
Thank you for your reply. I decided to try again and this time I was able to purchase the 3 Adult 4-day hopper plus passes. Go figure? I am much relieved that we will all have the same type of passes. I was concerned since Connections is the only place to purchase the 4-day hopper plus passes.


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