"Connection Voucher" at Rainforest Cafe????


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Aug 24, 2000
Is the Lunch 29.50 voucher good at the Rainforest Cafe for lunch. I am confused I have read yes and no So before I order I would like to know. Has anyone used the Kingdom Lunch Voucher at the rainforsest cafe. That 39$ Lobster would be a great deal. Thanks !!!!
I rember it being listed on the back of the voucher so I'm sure it would be good. We are going the first week in Feb and plan to try it out. I'll report back once we return.
I am reading my voucher now and it does say Rainforest Cafe.

I let our servers know upon sitting down that we had vouchers. Well, the RainForest guy was great. He suggested not only a fruit smoothie for the beverage but the stuffed lobster for an entree! He even tried to talk mother in law out of the stuffed flounder and into the stuffed lobster. Here's what I had...
Beverage-Fruit smoothie
Appetizer-Crab Cake It was excellent!!!! Not bready at all!
Entree-the stuffed lobster. Next time I'm going to get just the plain lobster. The crabmeat was very bready but the lobster was excellent! By the way it's a whole lobster, not just the tail.
Dessert-the banana cheesecake to go. Next time I'm getting the bread pudding. Hubby got it and it was the best I've ever eaten.
The best thing about the Rainforest lunch voucher is you can use it at dinnertime because they have no set lunch time. Afternoon and later is considered lunch/dinner and the menu is the same.
All of the servers seemed to really like the vouchers and often make suggestions on how to get more for the buck. I plan on using them exclusively on our next trip!
I am so excited about this post, I have been wondering the exact same things!

Is there a Rainforest Cafe at Downtown Disney and also at the Animal Kingdom? Can you use your the kingdom lunch at both of these places?


I'd also like to know if this applies to the downtown Disney RC. We have a setaing there for during our stay.
Thanks for the info on the Rainforest Biyanna!!! Wondering if you use a lunch voucher and still have items to pay for, as the kids meals, can you combine it with a Gift Certificate?
Does anyone know? Thanks in advance...
Pooh's Pal- I don't see why not. The servers just ask us to sign and date the vouchers. We never received a bill for voucher meals. At the RainForest we received a bill for the kids meals because we didn't have vouchers for them. I wish I had a gift certificate to give them instead of money! ;) I would call ahead just to be sure.

We used the RainForest vouchers at the RainForest outside of Animal Kingdom. I checked Mary's site http://www.mousesavers.com (look under WDW-Meals-then Connections) and it didn't have Downtown listed, maybe I missed it. I would call Connections prior to ordering them and ask if they are good at Downtown. If HockeyMom sees this post maybe she could tell us if Downtown RainForest is listed on the back of her voucher.
The lunch vouchers sound like a great deal at Rainforest Cafe. If you were using the $12.00 child's voucher, could the child order a $9.00 appetizer. entree, drink and then the Volcano(dessert)?

Could everyone at the table then share the app. and dessert? Has anyone done this?
I don't think the 29.50 lunch voucher is good at the RFC in DD. The back of the voucher only lists the one at the AK. FWIW, the back of the voucher lists the exact same restaurant info as MouseSavers lists.
I called RFC at animal kingdom, and they also said we could use the voucher any time of the day, including dinner!!! This is an amazing deal!

The downtown RFC did not know if they accepted them or not. Because their name is not listed on the back, I would venture to say no.

Has anyone used them there?


12 more days!!
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