Confused about how to get best deal for lodging at Disneyland.


Praying for peace
Sep 20, 1999
I need some help in trying to figure out the best way for our family to get the best prices for the best lodging at Disneyland. There will be three adults and one child. Have you used Priceline or Hotwire? Is that really better than AAA or calling the hotels directly?

Thanks for helping me to sort out the options!
If you want to save $$$ stay offsite. At DLR many offsite hotels are walking distance to the parks. They are a much better value than the DLR hotels. Try get away today vacations. We used them last Oct. and they were great. In fact, the only reason we went was because I found out what great prices they had, and couldn't resist making an unplanned, last minute trip!!! We surprised the kids and had a blast!!! Look at I used the 1-800 # to book, the lady was VERY helpful and really nice! The 1-800 # is listed on the website!!! Have a great time!


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