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Discussion in 'Purchasing DVC' started by jockotaco, Dec 9, 2012.

  1. jockotaco

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    Apr 11, 2012
    I purchased my first contract direct. The main reason I did this was because we were going on a trip in just over 11 months and we were purchasing a small contract (125 points) at the grand cal. By going direct I spent an additional $35 per point versus indirect (assuming resale of $100) and I was fine with the trade off because most was made back by being able to make an immediate reservation. When we bought direct I did every analysis in the book prior to the purchase. We are currently in the market for more points and I am leaning both ways (direct and indirect) and my only reason for direct is the concierge collection. We love Disney today, have young kids but at some point envision a point where we want a non disney vacation. Initially I thought we needed to buy direct. After a long sleepless night I thought why not buy indirect and sell the points to book your own room anywhere, not necessarily tied to the concierge collection when we are looking for the non disney trip. I have yet to do an analysis of room rates at the concierge hotels, has anyone does this kind of analysis or tried to put a dollar value on points being transferred to the CC. I figure I'm $95 in the hole prior to going. Just curious as I'm still a fence sitter but swaying resale. We are looking at either 50-75 point add on to the grand cal or 150 to Aulani. Any thoughts would be great.
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    Just take a look at the Concierge Collection point chart.

    Pick out something that interests you and see how many points it costs. For example, the least expensive room at the Fairmont in San Fransciso costs 61 points per night. A quick google says a night in early February runs $245 (incl tax but no extras or parking). That's about $4 per point and you still have to pay the $95 dollar fee. Doesn't even return the cost of dues.

    I doubt anything else will come out much better.
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    Dec 11, 2006
    IMO anything outside of Disney is high priced when using points and or the offerings are limited and subject to change. Also IMO Disney offers the outside destinations as a marketing tool to add to their DVC sales videos not intending that DVC owners will actually stay there. If they do stay there, Disney is out the money for their restaurants, admission tickets, hard ticket events, and others sources of additional revenue.

    Even a destination like DCL that Disney has direct control of and is managed under the same President has limited availability and black out dates for DVC Members.

    I wouldn't count the CC being offered forever and/or some locations will change of disappear as they have in the past.

    :earsboy: Bill
  5. lilpooh108

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    Apr 17, 2010
    I looked at the point cost for the Grand Wailea last year and for London next year through the Concierge Collection and it looks like if you value your points at $10/pt, the amount of points it takes to book these 2 hotels would have been close or same to "rack" rate without any discounts. I think I looked once at the hotel available in Washington DC and it would have been significantly cheaper to book that hotel with cash (especially when discounts are available).

    I've never used my points for the concierge collection but I do have 1 specific contract that we use for cruising when extended family come with us on a cruise so that we're not paying money out of pocket. (Renting in general, does not appeal to us.) That's the only reason I'd ever consider buying direct if we ever add on again (which is not likely).
  6. bwvBound

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    Feb 5, 2004
    Once you've looked at the point charts, try phoning MS to book something on your present direct account. I've only tried twice but wasn't successful either go'round for options in CA or AZ. Just checking availability for properties that interest you may add an interesting spin to your decision data.
  7. JimMIA

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    Feb 16, 2005
    The first question I would ask is whether you REALLY want to purchase a timeshare (anyone's) for accommodations like the Concierge Collection. Keep in mind that purchasing a timeshare involves an initial outlay (substantial in the case of DVC) and years of MF's (also pretty high with DVC).

    Yeah, I know you already own DVC, but you're talking about taking on an additional $229-$343 (50-75 pts at VGC X $4.58) or $850 (150 pts at AKV X $5.67) in additional dues each year, long into the future.

    Once you do that, you have the "privilege" of spending your points for some very expensive options. As Carol suggested above, check the point costs and see how much those points will really buy...only a night or two or three for a year's worth of dues in most cases.

    Personally, I think DVC is a very good timeshare for owners who would not be happy staying anywhere but onsite at WDW in a Disney resort. For all other locations of DVC resorts, I believe there are better, less-expensive options. And, to me, the non-DVC options are generally wastes of points.

    Generally, using outside-the-system options with anybody's timeshare system is a serious negative -- either in terms of much higher cost, or greatly downgraded accommodations. Or both.

    And, if you are really determined to use out-of-system options, there are a number of very fine timeshare systems which offer lower (or virtually zero) acquisition cost, lower annual MF's, and much, much greater flexibility and access than DVC's limited options provide.

    There are also numerous non-timeshare options, like renting from an owner of the resort you want to visit, renting your DVC points and paying cash, and plain, old-fashioned cash "deals."

    Using anyone's timeshare program for other accommodations would be my very last resort -- and one I would use only in cases where my points were expiring unused and I had no alternative.

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