Commandos, Hunters and a KTR (Day 6, Part 1) SUPER COMMANDOS attack 3 parks before 1:00PM.

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    Spots13, 13y/o DD. Loves everything Dalmation.
    Googol9, 9y/o DD. Loves all Disney.

    (Note: I actually wrote down all the times of all the events of this morning, but can't find it right now. If it shows up, I'll fix this post to reflect all of the actual times to the minute. Times given here are from memory for now.)

    Friday, November 10th, last day with park passes!

    6:00 AM, the mouse calls. Dad wakes up the other commandos(Spots13 and Googol9), and we are at the bus stop by 6:30. By 7:00 we are inside the gates of EPCOT and are there are only 5 people already there. We position ourselves to the far left to get the jump toward Test Track.

    We wait half an hour until the "vision of the future speech" then they release the doves. While everyone is watching doves, I get the attention of a CM and using motions ask if we can go. She nods yes and waves us in. By the time the others turn back, we have a 20-30 yard lead on the pack. With a brisk walk, we hold that lead.

    We are the first to Test Track, and there is still a rope across the standby entrance. A minute later a nice CM drops that rope, and we are the first in line. We are the first into the theatre, and position ourselves across the front of the exit doors so that when they open no one can push past. After the show (for the 3rd time this trip) we are the first into the loading area. They bring in 4 elderly people from somewhere (I here there is a special GM employee only entrance, and they get the first car. Still, we get the front seat of the second car of the day. Not a bad start of the day.

    This ride was pretty cool again. I guess a 5 day break brought back a bit of the magic. This ride, the screens after the breaking area finally shows our car going through the breaking. The other two times it just showed empty track.

    By 7:50 we are off test track. Do we hit Body Wars? It is kind of a thrill ride. Nahhh, it wasn't good enough to waste time on. By 7:55 we are at the bus stop to MGM and by 8:00 are on a bus. We got to MGM and there were about 20 people in line ahead of us. The farthest right lane is for PS breakfast only, but we position ourselves in the furthest right lane for non-bfast. At 8:30, they start letting people in, and the CMs at what was the bfast only lanes wave us over. We end up being the 5-7th people through these gates. We briskly walk up Hollywood, and take a right at Sunset.

    DRAT! foiled by another rope. So, they do a MK style open rather than EPCOT. We are the first at this rope, but the crowd quickly builds. We plan to grab Fastpasses to RnRC then ride ToT. At the last minute, we change our minds. The Fastpass machines for RnRC are way down by the ride, making it a long way to double back to ToT. The Fastpass manhines for ToT however, are right on the way to RnRC.

    They take down the rope, telling us to pretend it is still there. When the CMs start walking, stay behind them! We stay put, but most in the front row slowly inches forward to be right up on the CMs. Eventually, the "Hollywood that never was and always will be" speech is played, and the CMs are off at a surprisingly quick pace. We stay dead center of the road, and as the crowd breaks right and left for ToT and RnRC, we hit the ToT Fastpass machines (9:40-10:40) and then blend back into the RnRC fork of the river of people.

    In line for RnRC we see people the people that were right behind us at the rope. They are several groups of people behind us, so we can't speak to them. I think we were in the second group into the theatre, and we waited an extra limmo to get front seat. (Dad went the car before the girls with a single that was already in line.) This was by far the best seat, better than any of the other 4(dad) or 5(girls) times we'd ridden this trip already.

    When we get off RnRC, it is only 9:20. We hop in line for RnRC again since our Fastpasses to ToT are still not good for another 20 minutes. We are right behind those same people that were behind us at the rope. They heard us planning how we were going to get Fastpasses for ToT then ride RnRC, and copied us. He thanks me for being such a great park commando. This time we take wherever we can get in the limmo as there are at least 6 pairs waiting for front. This is the 7th ride on RnRC for the girls and 6th for dad, all this trip. We all agree it is just as good the last time as the first(with front seat still the best). By far the best ride in the parks for roller coaster riders.

    By 9:45 we've already done Test Track, changed parks, ridden RnRC twice and are in the Library of ToT. We ToT that for the 6th time of the trip, and it is still great, though not as good as the first time.

    After ToT, we break across the park for Star Tours. The 10:00 Indi show is just starting. The standby sign for Star Tours says 10minutes, but it takes us only 3 minutes to be at the gate. Another 5 minute wait for the "flight" before us to end. And we are on and off Star Tours by 10:15.

    TheDad then interrupts these commando plans. I really want to see Muppets 3D, but the girls won't go near it with a 10 foot polecat. I'll meet the girls by the dino in echo lake in about half an hour. I walk into Muppets as the pre-show is starting. This is a really funny show, and I'm glad I took the time to see it. That said, I'm glad the girls didn't go as they would not have appreciated it.

    At 10:50 I'm out of Muppets, and it takes me some time to figure out how to get back toward echo lake from NewYork street. As I pass Star Tours, the stand-by is now 45 minutes!!!! Girls were near there buying ice cream at 10:30 when the 10:00 Indi show ended. Seems everyone from the show went straight to Star Tours because the Standby time jumped from 10 minutes to 35 in less than 5 minutes. Hint, don't so Star Tours right after an Indi show lets out.

    I meet the girls at 10:55. By 11:00 we are at the bus stop and by 11:05 are on a bus for Animal Kingdom. At Animal Kingdom we head straight for Dinosaur, the only ride we plan to do here. We grab Fastpasses for 12:15-1:15. Is it good enough to do 45 minute stand-by then Fastpass? Nope, besides Googol9 wants more time at the Boneyard. TheDad and Spots13 grab a bench and Googol9 heads in to the Bone Yard with instructions to be back by noon (40 minutes off).

    By 12:20 Googol9 is back. It is too packed in there to be fun. We decide we should have lunch, so we grab 2 burgers and a couple cokes at Restrauntasaurus (the girls share). At 12:15 we hop in the Fastpass line for Dinosaur and by 12:30 are on the ride.

    We get off, find restrooms, then stop by the Pooh store near Wonders of the Wild. TheDad picks up the "Tigger, is that you shirt?" for Tigger17 (who saw it here Monday and no where else since.) We are back at the bus stop by 12:50 and have to wait almost a full 10 minutes for a bus this time. How horrible [said in best sarcastic tone]!

    By 1:15 we are back at the resort. We've done Test Track, RnRC twice, ToT, Star Tours, Muppets, and Dinosaur. We'll be doing Splash and Space tonight (BTMRR is closed) when we are at MK tonight for MSEP, so that will make all major thrill rides, in all 4 parks, all in the same day. We are Super Commandos!

    We have 45 minutes, before TheMom, Tigger17, and grandma are due back. We get ready to go swimming, but are still walking through the parking lot when TheMom and others pull up. Swimming cancelled.

    Next up, Super-commandos are side-tracked.
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    Wow! How lucky is that being the first people on Test Track (well 2nd but whos counting! :) )

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    Kudos for your commando attack plan. Sounds tiring, but very productive!!!


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    Woohoo!! Now *THAT* is park touring ;)

    I haven't ever done all 4 parks in one day...yet...but we plan to this next trip. Our hope is to get breakfast, see Tarzan, Lion King, and Maharajah Jungle Trek, and ride Dinosaur in the morning, hop over to MGM for RNRC and some quick shopping, boat to Swan & Dolphin to hunt down a pin and see the Christmas decorations, boat from there to Epcot for Tapestry, walk to Boardwalk for dinner at Flying Fish, then bus to Magic Kingdom for Fantasy in the Sky and MSEP. We'll see how well that works :D But your successful report of hitting all the E-ticket rides you wanted to hit in one morning/early afternoon gives me hope it'll work ;)

    I'm really enjoying your reports :D



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    On our trip in July we started off at AK at 730 Tues morning and walked out of MK at the end of E night 230 Wed morning - gotta love the commando attacks of the parks. Thanks for posting!

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