Code prices are now on the Official WDW site


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Jan 4, 2000
I was just checking on the WDW site and if you go to the home page for vacations the new discounts are factored into the reservations. Just click on the red box!
So if you missed out on the good deals when the codes you can check out the official site and maybe get some of those savings
I made a reservation this morning using the code "cko" that I got from and when I looked on Disney's site this evening I saw that the specials had been updated. I checked the price with the new code and it is the same as my reservation but the code is different "ckp". Does this matter? I have never stayed on site before. Should I have used the mousesavers code? Are they going to ask for any special card or anything (that I won't have) at check-in?

You will be just fine. Those codes are not mousesaver codes - they are just listed on that site - just like they are listed on the official Disney site. Do not worry you will not be asked for any special card or anything!


I asked about this once and the code may differ according to where you see it as a tracking thing for Disney to tell them where people are seeing the code. A code advertised in the newspaper will have a different third letter than a code advertised on their internet site but still be the same special and same prices.
Hey! I just noticed that you're from Pottstown, Helen! Hi Neighbor! We're in Boyertown!
Just checked out that site for a possible second night at the end of September and they are giving good deals. The only resorts included are FW, AKL, POR-FQ and AsMu. I saw a rate of $124 for AK standard room or $184 Savannah view. AsMu is coming up as $73 for preferred room location.

Hey Lesley! Small world!

123JOANNA123.. I see where the August to October rates only include a limited number of resorts. We are going in December and I looked up the Wilderness Lodge, just to see if there would be a price difference from what I got from calling CRO and the rates do include the WL for the Nov to Dec time frame.
I notice that the Oct to Nov dates have more hotels than the Aug to Oct as well. hummm I guess they are trying to keep the discounts down for Aug to Oct.


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