Christmas with mickey dec 23


Earning My Ears
Jan 5, 2002
Dec. 23
Didn’t wake up till 10:30. Terry woke up at 9 and did his bath routine. Put flags on car and drove to Epcot. Went to ice station cool and filled our water bottles with watermelon didn’t like the apple as well as in the past. Went to Test Track got on single line. Other line was wayyyy tooo longggg!!! Unless you have to ride with someone else I highly recommend that you use the single riders line. With the time you spend waiting at the group line you could ride single riders like three or four times. We have insulated water bottles made by Rubbermaid. After riding Test Track it seemed faster than it was in the past. Terry, Ryan, and Crystal rode again once was enough for Pooh 52. Little birds were taking a bath under snow cat at Ice Station cool. Everyone did a bathroom break. Watched people drink Beverly, from Italy what fun. Terry got radios working contacts needed to be tightened up. Film was okay what a relief. Eighty dollars of film messed up would have made Grumpy join our group. Happy wasn’t very happy when we thought radios were ruined. I packed food the night before so getting ready this morning was quick. Saw a lady with a collapsible water bottle. Neat. I want one. Beer at Disney is $12.00 for a six-pack we paid $20.00 for a 24 case at Costco. Got fast pass for Space Mt. And got in 45 minute line for Buzz Lightyears Space Ranger Spin. Parks seem more littered than last trip. Buzz was fun as always although we got stopped so we could shoot at things longer. Pooh 410,000 Ryan 338,000 Terry 210,000 and last but not least Crystal 90,000 Mom is a space ace, Crystal accused me of cheating since I knew to hold finger on trigger and keep shooting. Ate granola, jerky and rice crispy treats waiting for Terry to take pictures of the castle. Took some group shots in front as well. Stopped and saw The Night Before Christmas show. Went to Splash Mountain very long line about an hour and fifteen minutes the longest wait yet. It was dark by the time we got on Ryan and Pooh52 prefer to ride it at night they say it provides more suspense. While Crystal prefers to ride during the day so she can better see all the little details that were made Terry is with her. Either way it’s a great ride. The fastpasses for Space Mt. are for 6:35 Terry, Ryan, and Crystal run across the park in 12 minutes. Even though our fastpasses were technically out they were kind and let us get on. Space Mt. has always been a favorite of ours it is more bumpy than a lot of other roller coasters and has a one of a kind feel. Pooh52 headed to Columbia Harbor House while the rest had been zooming across the park. She had a combo of fish and chips for $6.09 and a large coke for $2.29 that adds up to a grand total of $8.89 after taxes are included. When Terry, Ryan, and Crystal arrived they all got the traditional clam chowder in a bread bowl and cokes as well. Went by Aladdin Magic Carpet Ride. Looks cute but is seems as though it’s like another Dumbo ride. We have Oaks Park amusement park by us so these sorts of rides are something to skip. The dinos at Animal Kingdom are yet another ride like this. We have no real desire to wait in a long line to ride any of them. Went to watch Spectromagic parade across from Frontier Trading post sitting on a wooden fence. Walt liked the magic at night so do we. He probably sat and counted his money then. Then we did the Haunted Mansion. The door to get out is by the gal with the umbrella if you wish to know. Crystal wonders where the one really cool wallpaper was? It didn’t look like much when you looked at first but if you stared long enough you saw eyes. Is this at only at Disneyland? Or perhaps in her imagination? Went on a Jungle Cruise where we had an enthusiastic tour guide even late at night with a squeaky voice. After that we went to pirates of the Caribbean a favorite of ours. The parrot in front had a tattoo on the front of him. Crystal thought that he hadn’t had the tattoo on him before. But that could of been Crystal’s imagination going off again. Stopped at ice cream place on main street had an ice cream cookie sandwich. Chocolate chip fresh and warm three for 11.13 $. Terry was not in the mood for a cookie sandwich so he had a double ice cream cone and finished half of Crystal’s. Watched spectromagic while we ate our ice cream. Missed afternoon parade thought it would be at three. It was two on Sunday. Did not have schedule for Magic Kingdom until we got to the park. They didn’t have schedules or maps for all the parks at resort. Just the one sheet, which we had, that was outdated. As my children would say “sucks”. Sure this word isn’t exactly in Mickey’s vocabulary but they use it anyways. We rode the boat to transportation center. Then rode in the front of the monorail with the captain. Very cool view I would recommend just ask one of the workers at the line to ride up front. Just two other people besides us on the monorail. There were 58,000 people at Magic Kingdom that day that was according to the Monorail driver. They only have a three percent margin of error when determining amount of people in the park. After September eleventh there were only four hundred in the park that day. They said it was so empty that they were sending employees home. Spent 65.44$ that day


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