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Feb 15, 2000
If you are new to chat (or not so new) and find it a little confusing, here are some instructions you can print off and use during chat. I also urge you to attend at least one Instructional Chat on any Monday or Thursday at 8 PM est.

You will find a link to the chat room if you go to the DIS homepage and scroll down the list of informational sites, on the left side of the page, to the Community/Misc category. Or...you can just CLICK HEREhttp://

On your first visit to the chat room you will have to create a user name and password and choose which chat program you want to use. I believe that Ichat is the easiest and most fun program to use for DIS chat. You can download it free from the log-in page. Just scroll down the page and you will find some helpful instructions for downloading Ichat. The Ichat works best if you are using the newest version of Internet Explorer browser. You will find the download site, if you CLICK HEREhttp://www.microsoft.com/windows/ie/. Both of these programs are free.

I will include the instructions for both Ichat and non Ichat users.


If you are using ichat, you will see a list of emotions to the left of the list of names. You will probably only have 7 emotions at first. To add emotions, go to the black triangle over the upper left corner of the dialog box and:

click on the triangle
click on emotions
click on edit emotions
add all or choose the emotions you wish

If you double left click on an emotion you will perform that emotion. For example, if I double left clicked on the word "applaud" the screen would show that "nativetxn applauds fervently"

You can direct an emotion to another person by:

highlighting the emotion
highlighting a name
right click on that name
choose the option to send an emotion

If you are not using ichat you can still emote, you just have to do a little more typing.

To perform an emotion type a slash / and the emotion. So if I typed /applaud the screen would show that nativetxn applauds fervently.

To send an emotion to another person type a slash / the emotion one space and the name of the person to whom you wish to send an emotion. If I typed /applaud snuggles the screen would show that nativetxn applauds snuggles fervently.

You can use this method with lots of different emotions, just pick one and try it.

Private Messages

A private message can only be seen by you and the person you message.

If you are using ichat, you use the same technique you used to send an emotion to another person.

Highlight a name
Right click on that name
A new box appears
Type in your private message
Hit "send" or enter

If you are not using ichat type a slash / the word tell, a name and your message. The line would look something like this: /tell snuggles I have to answer the phone.

When you receive a private message the screen will show that someone "tells you" something.

Typing in pink

You can change the color of your words to pink by using a colon before your text. If I were to type :Hi Snuggles, it would appear on screen as <font color=pink>Hi Snuggles</font>
Sometimes typing in pink helps get the attention of others.

Bold, Italics and <u>Underlining</u>

You can use html tags in chat for a few things

Type a "b" between <> before your text and you get bold text
Type an "i" between <> first and you get italics
Type an "u" between <> first and you get <u>underlined</u>

If you type "b" between <> then "i" between <> then "u" between <> first you get <u>bold underlined italics</u>.

You can also choose to use bold, italics or underlining on only one word or a few words of your sentence. To do this you simply use "b" between <> before the word or words you wish to be bold and follow those words with /b between <>. The /b between <> stops the bold. Use the same technique for italics except use /i between <> after your text, and to stop underlining type /u between <>.

I hope that you find this information helpful. Chat can seem overwhelming when you are new, because it can move very fast, I know, I was new once too. But don't give up! Keep coming to chat and it will get easier and easier with each visit. DIS Chat is a very friendly and fun place and I hope you will join us.

Thanks, Beanie & Katholyn! That is a great resource for all the "how do I do (blank) again" questions! Thanks again for the help in chat tonight! You both (& MaryJo) were so helpful to us!!

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I'm not afraid to <b>Chat</b> anymore!
Bumping for Monday night instructional chat grads :)
I had to leave chat early tonight (and it didn't help that I got there late too ;) ) so this helps alot. Thanks a bunch! :D :D
Bumping for the Monday night instructional chat grads
Bumping up for Thursday night instructional chat grads`
Bumping up for ChefBilly and billk, our newest instructional chat graduates!
Bumping for Thursday's instructional chat grads
Thank you so much Katholyn. This is very, very helpful!!!
:D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
Bumping this up for Monday night instructional students and Grads


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