Cheapest way from wdw to port and back?? anyone to share? help!

Discussion in 'Transportation' started by Disneyfun1, Aug 1, 2010.

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    ok, we booked the cruise, now we need to get to the port. What is the cheapest way for 4 of us?

    ive looked all over the internet, and it almost seems that having disney do it for $280 for 4 us is the best??

    Most places i found seem to want 220-285 for a towncar. but when you factor in the 20% gratuity, thats up to 264-342, just about disneys price.

    I looked at a rental car, since we dont have a CC any more, we found dollar to take a debit card, its not too bad for a full size, but picking it on the morning of cruise and bringing back by 9 am is $135, then add in parking, 45, tolls, gas, etc, we are about 220, and if we get a day early so we are not rushing around that morning, thats another 40 so we are back to disney prices.

    We used disney once before, but have raised the rate since then. I dont like they they pick you up at around noon we are told, and last time we just took ME back to the airport early in the am, and took a 10 am bus from airport to port to be there early, we really didnt mind doing that to be there early, so that doesnt bother us.

    is there anyplace else out there that is low priced or anyone want to share for Oct 14 cruise?


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