Character Names Magnet Graphics-No Longer Designing as of 04/19/09

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    Oct 31, 2008
    I will not longer be able to continue creating these design as of Sunday, April 19, 2009. I will leave the names listed here for anyone to use. Thank you.

    Here is an example of a character name.


    Abby -Cinderella -pg41
    Abby -Princesses -pg55
    Abby -Pooh -pg34
    Abigail -Princesses -pg71
    Adam -Donald Purple -pg5
    Adam -Jack Sparrow -pg22
    Adam -Pirate Mickey -pg31
    Adam -Star Wars -pg31
    Adam -Tigger -pg29
    Adrien -Mickey -pg70
    Aida -Minnie -pg19
    Aidan -Tow Mater -pg14
    Alex -Chip Dale -pg49
    Alecia -Marie -pg38
    Alexa -Nemo -pg22
    Alexa -Pirate Minnie -pg31
    Alexi -Jasmine -pg41
    Alfred -Donald -pg32
    Alice -Fairy Godmother -pg4
    Alice -Pirate Minnie -pg68
    Alice -Snow White -pg65
    Alicia -Jasmine -pg5
    Aliceanne -Minnie -pg59
    Alison -Minnie -pg5
    Alison -Pirate Minnie -pg41
    Alison -Tinkerbell Blue -pg23
    Alison -Tinkerbell Purple -pg12
    Allie -Cinderella -pg65
    Allie -Pirate Minnie -pg68
    Allie -Sleeping Beauty -pg70
    Allison -Ariel -pg31
    Alivia -Princesses -pg55
    Alysha -Dumbo -pg7
    Alyssa -Tinkerbell Blue -pg53
    Amanda -Aristocats -pg55
    Amanda -Cinderella -pg47
    Amanda -Jasmine -pg50
    Amanda -Minnie -pg5
    Amanda -POTC -pg55
    Amanda -Tinkerbell Purple -pg39
    Amaya -Camp Rock -pg12
    Amaya -HSM -pg9
    Amberlin -Tinkerbell Blue -pg44
    Amy -Chip Dale -pg16
    Amy -Jasmine -pg72
    Amy -Maid Marion -pg39
    Amy -Seven Dwarfs -pg15
    Amy -Tinkerbell Blue -pg42
    Ana -Belle -pg19
    Andre -POTC -pg37
    Andre -Star Wars -pg39
    Andrea -Cinderella -pg50
    Andress Family -Castaway Cay -pg63
    Andrew -Figment -pg65
    Angelia -Belle -pg23
    Ann Marie -Sailor Minnie -pg45
    Anna -Tinkerbell Blue -pg3
    Anna -Tinkerbell Blue -pg44
    Anne -Pooh and Gang -pg37
    Annie -Minnie -pg68
    Anthony -Donald Boat -pg37
    Arlene -Piglet -pg37
    Ashleigh -Fairy Godmother -pg37
    Ashleigh -Jasmine -pg48
    Ashley -Jonas Brothers -pg70
    Ashley -Tinkerbell Blue -pg63
    Ashley -Tinkerbell Purple -pg44
    Ashlyn -Sleeping Beauty -pg32
    Audrey -Tinkerbell Purple -pg4
    Aunt Shell -Tinkerbell Blue -pg11
    Austin - Star Wars -pg53
    Aymee -Tinkerbell Purple -pg59

    Bailey -Minnie -pg61
    Bailey -Tinkerbell Blue -pg19
    Barbara -Alice in Wonderland -pg40
    Barbara -Tinkerbell Purple -pg37
    Barbossa -Barbossa -pg41
    Bart -Baloo -pg25
    Becca -Tinkerbell Blue -pg61
    Beda -Minnie -pg49
    Becky -princesses -pg68
    Bell Family -Disney Wonder -pg65
    Belle -Belle -pg1
    Ben -Cars -pg31
    Bender -Castaway Cay -pg57
    Benjamin -Chip Dale -pg52
    Berber -Chip Dale -pg25
    Betsy -White Rabbit -pg58
    Beth -Belle -pg68
    Beth -Castaway Cay -pg7
    Beth -Pooh -pg47
    Beth -Tinkerbell Purple -pg5
    Beth -Jasmine -pg40
    Bethany -Ariel -pg23
    Bethany -POTC -pg41
    Betsy -Minnie -pg22
    Betty -Piglet -pg35
    Bev -Minnie -pg3
    Bill -Goofy Green -pg22
    Bill -Grumpy -pg32
    Billy -Pirate Mickey -pg57
    Bishop -POTC -pg31
    Blake -Pirate Mickey -pg55
    Blake -POTC -pg37
    Blake -Star Wars -pg42
    Blake -Wall E -pg37
    Blake -Woody -pg37
    Bob -Army Men Toy Story -pg40
    Bob -Crush -pg72
    Bob -Lightning McQueen & Mater -pg72
    Bob -Squirt -pg72
    Bolin -Castaway Cay -pg57
    Brad -Goofy Green -pg5
    Brandon -POTC -pg39
    Brady -Wall E -pg63
    Brent -Buzz -pg22
    Brent -Star Wars -pg29
    Brian -Grumpy -pg23
    Brian -Jiminy Cricket -pg59
    Brian -Mator -pg59
    Brian -Mickey -pg11
    Brian -Rafiki -pg52
    Brian -Tigger -pg13
    Brianna -Tinkerbell Blue -pg50
    Brittanie -Marie -pg16
    Brittany -Cinderella -pg52
    Brooke -Cinderella -pg39
    Brooklyn -Cinderella -pg19
    Brooklyn -Tinkerbell Purple -pg31
    Bryce -Cars -pg34
    Bryna -Elizabeth Swann -pg10
    Bubba -Cars -pg56
    Bud -Grumpy -pg4
    Buddy -Stitch -pg16
    Buffie -Mickey -pg11

    Cade -Mickey -pg22
    Caden -Lightning McQueen -pg63
    Caleb -Donald Boat -pg9
    Cam -Goofy Green -pg20
    Cameron -POTC -pg14
    Cameron - Jack Sparrow -pg47
    Cameron -Stitch -pg52
    Candice _POTC -pg68
    CapeCodRob -Marathon Mickey -pg25
    Cara -Tinkerbell Blue -pg6
    Carla -HSM -pg47
    Carlene -Ariel -pg28
    Carmen -Pirate Minnie -pg61
    Carol -Minnie -pg52
    Carol -Piglet -pg20
    Carol -Pooh -pg22
    Caroline -Ariel -pg59
    Carson -Stitch -pg53
    Carter -Castaway Cay -pg20
    Carter -Pooh -pg6
    Cassandra -Cinderella -pg5
    Cassie -Tinkerbell Blue -pg6
    Castor - Jiminy Cricket -pg59
    Catherine -Tinkerbell Blue -pg66
    Cathy -Pooh -pg44
    Ceira -Tinkerbell Blue -pg50
    Cerys -Cinderella -pg25
    Chad -Donald -pg11
    Charissa -Belle -pg45
    Charlie -Nemo -pg28
    Chelsea -Hanna Montana -pg50
    Cheyenne -HSM 3 -pg70
    Cheyenne -Minnie -pg40
    Cheyenne -Tinkerbell Blue -pg66
    Chiara -Tinkerbell Purple -pg57
    Chloe -Pirate Minnie -pg57
    Chloe -Princesses -pg55
    Chris -Bolt -pg52
    Chris -Doc -pg21
    Chris -Donald -pg53
    Chris -Disney Magic -pg52
    Chris -Mickey -pg22
    Chris -Pluto -pg52
    Chris -POTC -pg34
    Chris -Wall E -pg5
    Christian -Goofy -pg50
    Christine -Tinkerbell Blue -pg6
    Christopher -Bolt -pg48
    Christopher -Disney Magic -pg48
    Christopher -Pluto -pg48
    Christy -Stitch -pg68
    Christyn -Lightning McQueen -pg43
    Chuck -Mickey -pg72
    Cinda -Piglet -pg29
    Cindy -Lilo and Stitch -pg14
    Cindy -Pooh -pg44
    Claire -Belle -pg6
    Clara -Belle -pg16
    Clayton -Star Wars -pg37
    Cletis -Mickey -pg71
    Cole -Cars -pg37
    Cole -Lightning McQueen -pg37
    Cole -Star Wars -pg42
    Cole -Woody Buzz -pg37
    Colin -Cars -pg12
    Colin -Castaway Cay -pg7
    Colton -Litttle Green Men -pg71
    Connor -Goofy Green -pg12
    Connor -POTC -pg34
    Cooper -Lightning McQueen -pg4
    Cooper -Mickey -pg25
    Cope Family -Disney Wonder -pg67
    Coral -Minnie -pg45
    Cory -Goofy -pg50
    Courtney -Tinkerbell Purple -pg12
    Craig -Donald Boat -pg19
    Craigy -POTC -pg19
    Cyndi -Chip Dale -pg52
    Crystal -Tinkerbell Purple -pg45

    Dad -King Triton -pg47
    Dad -Lion King -pg41
    Dad -Star Wars -pg42
    Dad -Goofy DarkBlue -pg41
    Dan -Goofy Dark -pg4
    Dan -Stitch -pg37
    Daniel -Donald -pg62
    Daniel -Star Wars -pg41
    Danielle -Belle -pg50
    Danielle -Mary Poppins Multiple -pg71
    Danielle -Mary Poppins -pg71
    Danny -Grumpy -pg59
    Danny -POTC -pg59
    Darin -Goofy -pg45
    Darin -Tow Mater -pg72
    Dave -Goofy -pg44
    Dave -Green Men Toy Story -pg37
    Dave - POTC -pg55
    Dave -Toy Story -pg55
    David -Dash -pg72
    David -Sorceror Mickey -pg25
    David -POTC -pg30
    Dawn -Minnie -pg21
    Deanna -Mickey -pg9
    Deb -Tinkerbell Purple -pg47
    Debbie -Belle -pg48
    Debbie - Disney Magic -pg48
    Debbie -Figment -pg55
    Debbie -Goofy Green -pg48
    Debbie -Mike-Monsters -pg4
    Debbie -Minnie -pg61
    Dena -Cinderella -pg34
    Denise -Cinderella -pg40
    Denise -Minnie -pg56
    Denise -Tinkerbell Blue -pg38
    Dennis -Grumpy -pg22
    Denny -Donald Daisy -pg34
    Destany -Wall E -pg44
    Destiny -Pooh -pg57
    Don -Donald -pg63
    Don -Grumpy -pg69
    Donna -Tinkerbell Blue -pg72
    Dorja -Daisy -pg15
    Doug -Grumpy -pg4
    Dunkan -Genie -pg47
    Dusty -Bob Incredibles -pg23
    Dylan -Buzz -pg37
    Dylan -POTC -pg37
    Dylan -Star Wars -pg37
    Dylan -Wall E -pg39

    E.J. -Goofy Dark -pg2
    Ed -Mickey -pg15
    Eddie -POTC -pg34
    Eilis -Tinkerbell Blue -pg45
    Eleanor -Disney Wonder -pg23
    Eleanor -Mickey Minnie -pg23
    Eli -Stitch -pg6
    Elijah -Lilo Stitch -pg57
    Elizabeth -Minnie -pg22
    Ella -Cinderella -pg25
    Ellen -Tinkerbell Blue -pg38
    Ellie -Tinkerbell Blue -pg28
    Elsie -Tinkerbell Purple -pg22
    Emile -Mickey -pg65
    Emile -Pirate Mickey -pg68
    Emilie -Hanna Montana -pg24
    Emily -Daisy -pg23
    Emily -HSM3 -pg59
    Emily -Mickey Minnie -pg59
    Emily -Snow White -pg44
    Emily -Tinkerbell Blue -pg4
    Emma -Daisy -pg11
    Emma -Sleeping Beauty -pg13
    Emma -TinkerBell Blue -pg47
    Emmie -Tinkerbell Blue -pg20
    Emory -Pooh -pg14
    Eri -Ariel -pg71
    Eric -Donald Boat -pg15
    Eric -Mickey -pg63
    Eric -Pirate Mickey -pg31
    Eric -Tigger -pg22
    Erica -Belle -pg66
    Esther -Tinkerbell Blue -pg34
    Ethan -Sorceror Mickey -pg9
    Ethan -Pluto -pg4
    Ethan -POTC -pg63
    Eva -Cinderella -pg39
    Evan -Pooh -pg47
    Evan -POTC -pg37
    Evelyn -Nighmate Before Christmas -pg50

    Faith -Tinkerbell Purple -pg71
    Ferguson Family Castaway Cay -pg62
    Fofy -Tinkerbell Blue -pg4
    Frances -Mickey Minnie -pg7
    Francis -Sailor Mickey -pg45
    Frank -Wall E -pg59

    Gaetano -Grumpy -pg14
    Gaetano -POTC -pg32
    Gammie -Minnie -pg34
    Gary -Character Group -pg61
    Gary -Lilo Stitch -pg61
    Gaspardo -Disney Wonder -pg66
    Geoffrey -Donald -pg22
    Geoffrey -Star Wars -pg41
    Gerald -Ariel Tritton -pg41
    Gina -Minnie -pg38
    Gianna -Belle -pg50
    Ginger -Pirate Minnie -pg31
    Ginger -Minnie -pg20
    Gloria -Baby Minnie -pg47
    Grace -Mickey Minnie -pg71
    Grace -Sleeping Beauty -pg41
    Grace -Snow White -pg37
    Gracie -Soccer Mickey -pg62
    Gram -Minnie -pg41
    Grammy -Dopey -pg11
    Grandad -Mickey -pg41
    Grandma -Minnie -pg5
    Grandma -Tinkerbell Blue -pg44
    Greg -Pirate Mickey -pg34
    Greg -Jessica Rabbit -pg52
    Griffin -Donald -pg21
    Grumpy -Flying Dutchman -pg41
    Grumpy -Grumpy -pg26
    Gydell -Pinocchio -pg22

    Hadence -Bolt -pg30
    Hakem -Baseball Mickey -pg61
    Haley -Ariel -pg47
    Haley -Tinkerbell Purple -pg35
    Hannah -Pooh -pg50
    Hannah -Tinkerbell Purple -pg30
    Harry -POTC -pg37
    Haydn -POTC -pg60
    Hazel -Ursula -pg25
    Heath -Little Green Men -pg71
    Heath -Princesses Very Pink -pg71
    Heather -Snow White -pg23
    Henningfield -Disney Magic -pg57
    Hobie -Star Wars -pg53
    Holly -Belle -pg25
    Hope -Princesses -pg71

    Ira -Castaway Cay -pg12
    Iris -Aristocats -pg68
    Isaac -POTC -pg57
    Isabella -Princesses -pg5
    Isabelle -Sleeping Beauty -pg20
    Isaiah -Cars -pg5
    Isaiah -Star Wars -pg57

    Jack -POTC -pg57
    Jack -Wall E -pg44
    Jackson -Nemo -pg70
    Jackie -Pirate Minnie -pg34
    Jacob -Donald -pg25
    Jacob -Lightning McQueen -pg47
    Jacob -Mickey -pg5
    Jacob -Wall E -pg71
    Jade -POTC -pg19
    Jaden -Princesses -pg7
    Jahkese -Cars -pg44
    Jahkese -Lightning McQueen/Mater -pg44
    Jake -Wall E -pg10
    Jalen -Lion King -pg15
    Jalen -Mickey -pg7
    James -Disney Ship -pg56
    James -Mickey -pg34
    James -WallE -pg6
    Jameson -Peter Pan & Captain Hook -pg70
    Jamie -Bob Incredibles -pg23
    Jamie -Donald -pg63
    Jamie -Jack Sparrow -pg14
    Jamie -Jack Sparrow -pg41
    Jamie -Mickey -pg31
    Jamie -POTC -pg34
    Jane -Maleficent -pg71
    Jane -Nemo -pg37
    Janeen -Disney Magic -pg24
    Janeen -Minnie -pg4
    Janessa -Princesses -pg67
    Janet -Minnie -pg17
    Janet -POTC -pg32
    Janet -Sleepy -pg14
    Janice -Tigger -pg23
    Jarod -Nemo -pg39
    Jasmin -Mickey Minnie -pg7
    Jasmine -Jasmine -pg19
    Jasmine -Maleficent -pg25
    Jason -Donald -pg23
    Jason -Pooh -pg52
    Jayde -POTC -pg56
    Jaylen -Hanna Montana -pg71
    Jaylie -Sleeping Beauty -pg38
    Jayna -Tinkerbell Purple -pg2
    Jean -Princesses -pg12
    Jeff -Grumpy -pg37
    Jeff -Mickey -pg3
    Jeffrey -Pirate Mickey -pg59
    Jehrell -Cars -pg2
    Jen -Eeyore -pg37
    Jen -Mickey -pg22
    Jen -Pirate Minnie -pg31
    Jenae -Ariel -pg38
    Jennifer -Tinkerbell Blue -pg39
    Jeremiah -Flying Dutchman -pg71
    Jerry -Flying Dutchman -pg71
    Jerilyn -Belle -pg32
    Jerry -Jack Sparrow -pg22
    Jessica -Jasmine -pg47
    Jessica -Jessica Rabbit Pink -pg60
    Jessica -Jessica Rabbit Blue -pg60
    Jessica -Mickey -pg40
    Jessica -POTC -pg7
    Jillian -Ariel -pg14
    Jillian -Pirate Minnie -pg31
    Jillian -Princesses -pg20
    Jillian -Tinkerbell Blue -pg41
    Jim -Goofy Green -pg15
    Jim -Jack Sparrow -pg9
    Jim -Mickey -pg4
    Jimmy -Grumpy -pg57
    Joan -Alice in Wonderland -pg37
    Joanna -Princesses -pg48
    Jodi -Mickey Minnie -pg32
    Jody -Belle -pg31
    Joe -POTC -pg31
    Joe -Toy Story -pg40
    Joel -Jack Sparrow -pg39
    John -Donald -pg28
    John -Dopey -pg22
    John -Goofy Dark -pg20
    John -Grumpy -pg59
    John -Mickey -pg19
    John -Pirate Mickey -pg31
    John -Adult Simba -pg3
    John -Stitch -pg44
    John -Tigger -pg69
    John -Timon -pg12
    Jon -Goofy Dark -pg16
    Jose -Beast -pg70
    Joseph -Cars -pg61
    Josh -Pluto -pg13
    Joshua -Buzz -pg23
    Josie -Tinkerbell Blue -pg38
    Joy -Ariel -pg12
    Joyce -Marie -pg37
    Judith -Tinkerbell Blue -pg25
    Judy -Cinderella -pg48
    Judy -Disney Magic -pg48
    Judy -Goofy Green -pg48
    Judy -Jessie Toy Story -pg40
    Judy -Mulan -pg52
    Judy -Piglet -pg44
    Julie -Minnie -pg4
    Jullian -Ariel -pg14
    Justin -Goofy Green -pg38
    Justine -Ariel -pg32
    Justin -Lightning McQueen -pg63
    Justin -Nemo -pg61

    Kade -Bolt -pg14
    Kai -Stitch -pg9
    Kai -Wall E -pg16
    Kailey -Tinkerbell Blue -pg44
    Kaisa -Pooh -pg37
    Kalena -Baby Minnie -pg67
    Kara -Star Wars -pg42
    Karen -Character Group -pg61
    Karen -Minnie -pg5
    Karen -Tigger -pg61
    Karen -Tinkerbell Blue -pg9
    Karter -POTC -pg20
    Kate -Seven Dwarfs -pg17
    Kate -Tigger -pg15
    Katerina -Princesses -pg59
    Kathy -Cinderella -pg9
    Kathy -Minnie -pg4
    Katie -Ariel -pg32
    Katie -Lilo -pg6
    Katie -Tinkerbell Purple -pg16
    Kay -Minnie -pg12
    Kayla -Chip & Dale -pg72
    Kayla -Hanna Montana -pg72
    Kayla -Tinkerbell Blue -pg5
    Kaylee -Tinkerbell Blue -pg19
    Kazlee -Ariel -pg37
    Kaylene -POTC -pg61
    Keith -Goofy Dark -pg9
    Kelly -Cinderella -pg31
    Kelly -Goofy Green -pg72
    Kelsey -Minnie -pg55
    Kendall -Belle -pg34
    Kendall -Mulan -pg40
    Kendall -Princessess -pg50
    Kenny -Tigger -pg47
    Kevin -Goofy Dark -pg70
    Kevin -Goofy Green -pg65
    Kevin -Pirate Mickey -pg68
    Kevin -POTC -pg71
    Kiley -Tinkerbell Blue -pg14
    Kim -Lilo -pg20
    Kim -Minnie -pg16
    Kimberly -Pirate Minnie -pg52
    Kimi -Lilo -pg52
    Kit -Star Wars -pg41
    Kitty -Donald Daisy -pg34
    Kitty -Minnie -pg15
    KJ -Mickey -pg37
    Kody -Donald Boat -pg32
    Koreena -Chip Dale -pg19
    Kozlyn -Tinkerbell Purple -pg37
    Kris -Wall E -pg37
    Krista -Cinderella -pg50
    Kristi -Tinkerbell Blue -pg7
    Kristin -Tinkerbell Blue -pg4
    Kyle -Baseball Mickey -pg72
    Kyle -Buzz -pg50
    Kyle -Donald Mickey Goofy Boat -pg72
    Kyle -POTC -pg37
    Kyle -Wall E -pg39
    Kylie -Belle -pg34
    Kyra -Tinkerbell Purple -pg47
    Kyren -Tigger -pg37
    Kyver Jenson -Squirt -pg37

    Lacey -Snow White -pg40
    Lanette -Eeyore -pg20
    Lara -POTC -pg32
    Lara -Sleeping Beauty -pg14
    Lauren -Lion King -pg52
    Lauren -Tinkerbell Blue -pg32
    Laurie -Daisy Duck -pg63
    Lawrence -Sorceror Mickey -pg15
    Leisha -Pirate Minnie -pg70
    Lessa -Tinkerbell Blue -pg68
    Lexie -Princesses -pg61
    Liam -Castaway Cay -pg7
    Liberty -Stitch -pg19
    Lily -Princesses -pg63
    Linda -Dory with Marlin -pg69
    Linda -Pirate Minnie -pg68
    Linda -Tigger -pg7
    Linda -Tinkerbell Blue -pg9
    Lindsay -Eeyore -pg59
    Lisa -Ariel -pg34
    Lisa -Princesses -pg57
    Lisa -Snow White -pg41
    Livi -HSM -pg24
    Liz -Princesses -pg5
    Logan -Bolt w/Penny -pg59
    Logan -Dash Incredibles -pg59
    Logan -Happy Dwarf -pg47
    Logan -Mickey -pg19
    Lola -Minnie -pg5
    Lora -Belle -pg4
    Loretta -Aristocats -pg40
    Lori -Maleficent -pg38
    Lori -Piglet -pg3
    Lori -Tigger -pg50
    Lor -Tinkerbell Hearts -pg59
    Loribeth -Tinkerbell Blue -pg34
    Lucas -Cars -pg16
    Lynda -Figment -pg54
    Lynde -Eeyore -pg44

    Mack Family -Castaway Cay -pg62
    Mackenzie -Tinkerbell Blue -pg34
    Mackenzie -Tinkerbell Purple -pg5
    Maddalena -Ariel -pg31
    Madeline -Goofy -pg52
    Madelynne -Belle -pg37
    Madison -Jack Skellington -pg70
    Magen -Tinkerbell Purple -pg63
    Maggie -Ariel -pg30
    Mama -Minnie -pg6
    Mandy -Belle -pg37
    Mandy -Sleeping Beauty -pg22
    Marc -Star Wars -pg9
    Marguerite -Tinkerbell Purple -pg39
    Maria -Ariel -pg44
    Maria -Lion King -pg44
    Maria -Princesses -pg44
    Mario -Grumpy -pg53
    Marion -Dory & Marlin -pg72
    Marisa -Tinkerbell Purple -pg4
    Marissa -Mulan -pg51
    Marissa - Sleeping Beauty -pg50
    Mark -Bolt -pg34
    Mark -Donald Boat -pg5
    Mark -Mickey -pg14
    Mary -Minnie -pg59
    Mark -POTC -pg11
    Mary -Belle -pg72
    Mary -Minnie -pg11
    Mary -Tinkerbell Purple -pg10
    Mary Rourke -Ariel -pg37
    Mati -Ariel -pg9
    Matt -Mickey -pg15
    Matthew -Cars -pg34
    Matthew -Pirate Mickey -pg44
    Matthew -POTC -pg57
    Maurine -Seven Dwarfs -pg22
    May -Ariel -pg13
    Max -Chip Dale -pg47
    Max -Rafiki -pg47
    McKenzie -Tinkerbell Blue -pg70
    Megan -Belle -pg70
    Megan -Jasmine -pg21
    Megan -Tinkerbell Blue -pg57
    Megan -Tinkerbell Purple -pg62
    Meghan -Baby Pluto -pg45
    Meghan -Seven Dwarfs -pg25
    Mekhi -Mickey -pg61
    Melissa -Stitch -pg22
    Mendy -Minnie -pg20
    Meridith -Minnie -pg2
    Meredith -Nemo -pg52
    Meredith -Tinkerbell Blue -pg52
    Michael -Disney Magic -pg48
    Michael -Grumpy -pg38
    Michael -Sorcerer Mickey -pg61
    Michael -Star Wars -pg48
    Michelle -Cinderella -pg52
    Michelle -Elizabeth Swann -pg41
    Michelle -Minnie -pg17
    Michelle -Tigger -pg39
    Mick -Buzz -pg20
    Mickael -Goofy Green -pg31
    Mickey -Group -pg60
    Mickey -Sailor Mickey -pg33
    Mickey -Pirate Mickey -pg29
    Mike -Castaway Cay -pg24
    Mike -Goofy -pg45
    Mike -Green Men Toy Story -pg12
    Mike -Mickey -pg4
    Mike -Pluto -pg15
    Mike -Rutt and Turke -pg39
    Mikey -POTC -pg61
    Milton -Mickey -pg5
    Minnie -Pirate Minnie -pg29
    Misty -Jack Sparrow -pg68
    Mitzi -Pirate Minnie -pg57
    Mom -Daisy -pg62
    Mom -Snow White -pg47
    Mom -Star Wars -pg42
    Mom -Tinkerbell Blue -pg42
    Mom -Minnie -pg41
    Mommy -Tinkerbell Blue -pg41
    Morgan -Jasmine -pg22
    Morgan -Minnie -pg72
    Morgan -Pluto -pg15

    Nacinovich -Disney Wonder -pg66
    Nana -Will Turner -pg41
    Nancy -Tinkerbell Purple -pg20
    Nanette -Ariel -pg37
    Nannie -Minnie -pg50
    Nannie -Tinkerbell Purple -pg11
    Natalee -Tinkerbell Purple -pg67
    Nataly -Princesses -pg49
    Nathan -Mickey -pg47
    Nathan -Stitch -pg34
    Nathan -Wall E -pg5
    Nick -Goofy Green -pg19
    Nick -Pinocchio -pg19
    Nick -POTC -pg34
    Nick -Star Wars -pg41
    Nicolas -Mickey -pg53
    Nicole -Ariel -pg38
    Nicole -Daisy -pg45
    Nicole -Baby Minnie -pg47
    Nikki -Ariel -pg72
    Nina -Snow White -pg9
    Noah -Mickey -pg28
    Noah -Wall E -pg1
    Noelle -Helen Incredibles -pg39
    Nora -Ariel -pg29

    Olivia -Tinkerbell Blue -pg3
    Oscar -Nemo -pg68
    Owen -Cars -pg50

    P.J. -Tow Mater -pg16
    Paige -Tigger -pg44
    Pam -Ariel -pg19
    Papa -Lion King -pg44
    Pappy -Cars -pg25
    Parker -Chip Dale -pg11
    Parker -Goofy Dark -pg19
    Parker Family -Castaway Cay -pg61
    Pat -Pinocchio -pg37
    Pat -Tinkerbell Blue -pg12
    Patrick -Goofy Green -pg9
    Patrick -Mickey -pg7
    Patti -Disney Magic -pg72
    Patty -Sorceror Mickey -pg4
    Paul -Adult Simba -pg68
    Paul -Grumpy -pg16
    Paul -Tigger -pg28
    Paula -Pirate Minnie -pg44
    Peg -Castaway Cay -pg12
    Peter -Goofy Green -pg19
    Peter -POTC -pg50
    Peyton -Sleeping Beauty -pg53
    Phillip -Cars -pg59
    Pinocchio -Pinocchio -pg40
    Piper Cinderella -pg70
    Piper -Princesses -pg70
    Pirate -Flying Dutchman -pg41
    Pope Family -Mickey Minnie Anniversary -pg62
    Preston -POTC -pg59
    Preston -Star Wars -pg22
    Princeton -Handy Manny -pg66
    Princeton -Wall E -pg70

    Quinn -Narnia -pg20

    Rachel -Princesses -pg38
    Randy -Grumpy -pg23
    Ray -Disney Magic -pg48
    Ray -Goofy Green -pg48
    Ray -Mickey -pg5
    Ramon -Mickey -pg49
    Rebecca -Hanna Montana -pg24
    Rebecca -Maleficent -pg37
    Rebekah -Mickey Minnie -pg59
    Rebekah -Sorcerer Mickey -pg59
    Reyna -Castaway Cay -pg66
    Rich -Tigger -pg40
    Rick -Tow Mater -pg65
    Riley -Buzz -pg23
    Riley -Goofy Green -pg11
    Riley -Pirate Mickey -pg41
    Rita -Cinderella -pg37
    Rita -Princesses -pg37
    Rob -Mickey -pg44
    Rob -Simba -pg47
    Robert -Cars -pg68
    Robert -Donald -pg52
    Robert -Fab 5 -pg37
    Robert -Goofy Dark -pg37
    Robert -Pirate Mickey -pg61
    Robin -Pirate Mickey
    Rochelle -Boo -pg20
    Roger -Jack Sparrow -pg19
    Ron -Mickey -pg4
    Ronnie -Minnie -pg15
    Ross -Jack Sparrow -pg10
    Roy -Donald Mickey GoofyBoat -pg33
    Ruby -Stitch -pg37
    Ruby -Tinkerbell -pg37
    Ryan -Cinderella -pg60
    Ryan -Donald -pg72
    Ryan -POTC -pg15
    Ryan -Tigger -pg61

    Sabrina -101 Dalmations -pg9
    Sadie -Pluto -pg70
    Sally -Tinkerbell Purple -pg34
    Sam -Dumbo -pg59
    Sam -Mickey -pg15
    Sam -Simba -pg49
    Samatha -Belle -pg48
    Samatha -Jasmine -pg32
    Sammy -Cars -pg23
    Sammy -Frozone Incredibles -pg50
    Sammy -Will Turner -pg48
    Samuel -Wall E -pg5
    Sandy -Aristocrats -pg69
    Sandy -Tigger -pg66
    Sarah -Pirate Minnie -pg38
    Sarah -Minnie -pg28
    Sarah -Princesses -pg56
    Sarah -Tinkerbell Blue -pg17
    Savannah -Alice in Wonderland -pg20
    Sawyer -Pooh -pg9
    Scott -Jiminy Cricket -pg44
    Scott -Pirate Mickey -pg38
    Scott -Villians -pg68
    Seamus -POTC -pg57
    Sean -Castaway Cay -pg7
    Sebrett -Castaway Cay -pg59
    Sebrett -Pirate Minnie -pg59
    Seth -Bolt -pg4
    Shannon -Mickey -pg20
    Shannon -Minnie -pg11
    Sharon -101 Dalmations -pg66
    Sharon -Tinkerbell Blue -pg47
    Shawan -Tinkerbell Blue -pg3
    Shawn -Donald -pg72
    Sheila -Minnie -pg19
    Shelley -Mickey -pg37
    Shelley -Pirate Minnie -pg30
    Shelley -Minnie -pg37
    Shelley -Tinkerbell -pg37
    Shiz -Minnie -pg37
    Sibahan - Ariel -pg50
    Sierra -Daisy -pg40
    Skylar -Snow White 7 Dwarfs -pg70
    Skyler -Scorecer Mickey -pg63
    Sonya -Lady Tramp -pg23
    Sonya -Tinkerbell Blue -pg15
    Sophia -Princesses -pg37
    Sophie Kate -Princesses -pg41
    Spectrum-Turbo -Sailor Mickey -pg31
    Spencer -Buzz -pg4
    Stacey -Minnie -pg39
    Stacey -Pirate Minnie -pg68
    Stacey -TinkerBell Blue -pg65
    Stacey -Tinkerbell Purple -pg70
    Staci -Minnie -pg44
    Stacy -Dory & Marlin -pg72
    Stephani - Ariel -pg50
    Stephanie -Mickey -pg13
    Stephanie -Tinkerbell Purple -pg9
    Stephen -Mickey -pg59
    Steve -Mickey -pg47
    Steve -Star Wars -pg35
    Steve -Tigger -pg16
    Steve -Wall E -pg17
    Steve -Woody -pg4
    Steven -POTC -pg35
    Stew -Goofy Green -pg22
    Sue -Minnie -pg65
    Sue -Pirate Minnie -pg68
    Sue -Sorceror Mickey -pg7
    Susan -Sorceror Mickey -pg22
    Sydney -Belle -pg22
    Sydney -Birthday -pg54
    Sydney -Minnie -pg53
    Sydney -Tinkerbell Purple -pg55

    Taryn -Piglet -pg41
    Taylor -Minnie -pg22
    Taylor -POTC -pg37
    Taylor -Tinkerbell Blue -pg6
    Ted -Mickey -pg71
    Terri -Minnie -pg9
    Terry -Mike Monsters -pg3
    Thadeus -Mickey -pg22
    The Dails -Mickey -pg19
    thtrmike -Genie -pg25
    Tiffany -Minnie -pg61
    Tiffany -Tinkerbell Blue -pg61
    Tim -Buzz -pg10
    Tim -Cars -pg15
    Tim -Castaway Cay -pg7
    Tim -Mickey -pg52
    Tim -Star Wars -pg41
    Tim -Toy Story -pg37
    Timmy -Cars -pg66
    Tina -Donald -pg41
    Todd -Woody -pg20
    Tom -Donald Boat -pg57
    Tom -Mickey -pg12
    Tom -Pirate Mickey -pg61
    Tommy -POTC -pg61
    Tony -Castaway Cay -pg37
    Tony -Genie -pg31
    Tony -Pooh and Gang -pg23
    Tony -Stitch -pg6
    Tony -Tigger -pg15
    Tori -Nemo -pg13
    T.R. -POTC -pg62
    Trace -POTC -pg63
    Traci -Tinkerbell -pg26
    Traci -Wall E -pg26
    Tracy -Castaway Cay -pg19
    Tracy -Princesses -pg53
    Tracy -Tinkerbell Blue -pg42
    Trent -Donald -pg45
    Trevor -Cars -pg17
    Tricia -Ariel -pg25
    Tristan -POTC -pg39
    Tristan -Stitch -pg7
    Tyler -Donald -pg53
    Tyler -Eeyore -pg4
    Tyler -Goofy Green -pg7
    Tyler -Jack Jack Incredible -pg39
    Tyler -Wall E -pg9

    Valerie -Daisy -pg32
    Vicki -Princesses -pg4
    Vicki -Tigger -pg24
    Victoria -Ariel -pg19
    Vince -POTC -pg41
    Vivian -Daisy -pg57

    Wayne -Goofy Green -pg39
    Wes -Scar -pg25
    Wes -Adult Simba -pg9
    Will -Stitch -pg11
    Will -Will Turner -pg41
    Wilson -Cinderella -pg22
    Winston -Mickey -pg2

    Yoni -Goofy Green -pg9

    Zach -Cars -pg10
    Zach -Goofy Green -pg28
    Zach -Pooh -pg39
    Zachary -Chip Dale -pg48
    Zachary -Goofy Green -pg48
    Zachary -Disney Magic -pg48
    Zoey -Tinkerbell Blue -pg68
    Zoey -Wall E -pg19
  2. kstategrad

    kstategrad Disney Fanatic!

    Feb 20, 2006
    OMG...what a great job! I would love to have one. I am doing that same cruise (the one w/ St. Croix) November 7-14, 2009. Could you do one for me? We are the Colin Family from Arlington, Tennessee.

    Also, can you do any of the names using Bolt characters?

    Let me know and I will PM you. Thanks!
  3. Avatar

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  4. bevtoy

    bevtoy bevs_toy

    Feb 6, 2006
    Could I have the names:

    Anna (Tinkerbelle)
    Jeff (Micky)
    Bev (Minnie)

    Thank you!
    We are going on a Christmas cruise
  5. disneyfaninaz

    disneyfaninaz It takes faith, trust & pixie dust!

    Apr 19, 2007
  6. shasess

    shasess My Disney Princess!!!

    Dec 21, 2005
    Wow! Those are amazing!!! Could you please make one for my family?

    An Itenerary list:
    The Mayo Family, May 16 - 23, The Magic,
    Port Canaveral
    Key West
    At Sea
    Grand Cayman
    At Sea
    Castaway Key
    Port Canaveral

    Also could you make a name sign with Tinkerbell for "Shawan"
    and a name sign with adult Simba for "John"

    Thank you so much!!!!!
  7. disneydash

    disneydash Mouseketeer

    Feb 10, 2009
    BreezyBus - This is a very generous offer. You were already kind enough to create the itinerary for me.

    If possible, I would really appreciate the following names:

    Steve - Woody
    Lora - Belle
    Tyler - Eeyore
    Kristin - Tinker Bell
    Cooper - Dash from the Incredibles or Lightning McQueen
    Carter - Winnie the Pooh
    Bud - Grumpy
    Alice - Fairy Godmother from Cinderella or Alice

    If those characters aren't available, I will be happy with anything you can do. Thanks.
  8. Sinderelly

    Sinderelly Princess

    Jan 27, 2009
    :yay: These look really cool. Can I get a sign for:

    Jim and Kathy
    The Magic
    Sept. 19-26, 2009

    Port Canaveral
    Key West
    At Sea
    Grand Cayman
    At Sea
    Castaway Key
    Port Canaveral

    and names please

    Jim in Mickey
    Kathy in Minnie
    Tnak you so very much!!!
  9. 4everluvDisney

    4everluvDisney DIS Veteran

    Jun 13, 2007
    These look fabulous!!

    Could I please have one done for our Magic cruise May 2-9,2009

    The Gosling's

    Port Canaveral
    Key West
    At Sea
    Grand Cayman
    At Sea
    Castaway Cay
    Port Canaveral

    Doug- Grumpy
    Audrey- Tinkerbell

    Thank you sooo very much.
  10. kandeebunny

    kandeebunny DIS Veteran

    Mar 13, 2005
    Everyone here on these boards is so talented! I wish I was that good with graphics, one of these days I keep telling myself I will learn!

    If possibly can I get 2 names please!

    Kristi in the Tink
    Patty in either Sorceror Mickey or Minnie Mouse

    Thank you so so so much!

    (Now I just have to figure out how to turn the printed images in to magnets LOL!)
  11. debsters41

    debsters41 DIS Veteran

    Jun 1, 2007
    Hi! I hope you aren't already feeling swamped from the requests. I just love the Monsters. Inc. name you made with Mike W. Could you please make it with the name:


    My daughters would also like their names if you could with tinkerbell or pirates. Their names are:


    Thanks so much!:flower3:
  12. aznaphrodite

    aznaphrodite Forever a Disney Princess

    Feb 12, 2004
    Could you make an itinerary for me?


    Port Canaveral
    At Sea
    At Sea
    St. Thomas/St. John
    At Sea
    Castaway Cay
    Port Canaveral

    April 25 - May 2, 2009
    Rebecca & Chris

    Thank you!
  13. kstategrad

    kstategrad Disney Fanatic!

    Feb 20, 2006
    :goodvibes Hi again,

    I'd like the following names, when you get a chance:

    Julie (Minnie)
    Ron (Mickey)
    Ethan (Pluto)
    Seth (Bolt)

    And the itinerary (same as what you posted, w/ St. Croix), that says
    Colin Family
    November 7-14, 2009

  14. disneydarling07

    disneydarling07 The answer to all worries-YOU'RE GOING TO DISNEY!

    Feb 7, 2008
    Can I make a request?

    The Wonder

    Port Canaveral
    Castaway Cay
    Day at Sea

    The Crowe Family

    February 22th - 26th 2009

  15. Brockster

    Brockster Brockster

    Feb 11, 2009
    These are so sweet! If you have the time, would you please do our names for our first ever Disney cruise upcoming on the 22nd of March?

    Janeen (Minnie)
    Mike (Mickey)
    Marisa (Tinkerbell)
    Dan (Goofy)
    Vicki (Princesses)

    Many thanks!
  16. Kwalters

    Kwalters Mouseketeer

    Dec 28, 2008
    These are awesome!!
    Could I get a few for:
    Alicia-Princess Jasmine

  17. GoofyTraci

    GoofyTraci DIS Veteran

    Jun 28, 2006
    I posted on the old thread. Can I have a wall-e name for Nathan please.

    thanks in advance
  18. Sccrmnky2005

    Sccrmnky2005 Already Earned My Ears ;)

    Jan 22, 2009
    I am cruising on the 3/8 wonder do you mind doing two names for me?


    Thanks so much for your time. They are wonderful.

  19. PenguinsFeather

    PenguinsFeather Earning My Ears

    Dec 7, 2008
    These look great!

    Could I get

    The Wonder

    Port Canaveral
    Castaway Cay
    Day at Sea

    The Lunn Family

    February 22th - 26th 2009

    And Names:

    Samuel - Wall-E
    Liz - princess
    Chris - Wall-E

  20. Eeyore'sthebest

    Eeyore'sthebest DIS Veteran<br><font color=darkorchid>Not So Tagle

    Mar 5, 2005
    Hi! These are amazing. I didn't want to pack anything extra for our first cruise so I didn't tell DD we could decorate the door. She was bummed when she other doors that were decorated. So on that note. Can I please have:

    Mackenzie - Tinkerbell
    Mark - Donald Duck
    Allison - Minnie Mouse

    Thank you so much! This is amazing.
  21. BreezyBus

    BreezyBus DIS Veteran

    Oct 31, 2008
    Let me know if these are ok.






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