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Earning My Ears
Dec 31, 2000
We are trying to budget for at least 2 of these.(Thinking about Chef Mickey and Crystal Palace). I was wondering if they do these on Thanksgiving Day? If not any suggestions on where to eat. We just added one more night to our package so-- now we will be eating Thanksgiving Lunch at WDW.
Also wondered if this would be the best deal for our flex feature (resort magic).
God Bless you all, and thanks for any information you can share.
Gosh, I don't know what to tell you about Thanksgiving. I think that I will COPY this over to the Restaurant Board to see if we can get an answer over there.
About your Flex Feature, I do believe that a character meal is a good choice. Since you are wanting to do 2 meals, here is a budget suggestion. IF you have kids going with you who have Flex Features, then do not use their FF for your first Character meal. Use them to pay for the adults meals at the SECOND character meal. That way you get more value out of your Flex Features because the adult meals cost more than the kid's meals. So FOR EXAMPLE - for 2 Adults and 2 Kids - Character Meal #1 - Use two Flex Features to pay for adult meals and pay cash for kids meals; Character Meal #2 - Use the remaining Flex Features for the adults and pay cash for the kids.
I hope that this makes sense - feel like I am rambling today... :rolleyes:

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We were there for Thanksgiving day, and got PS seating for Liberty Tree Tavern. They have a character meal there every night (Minnie, Goofy, Pluto, Chip and Dale) with turkey and the works. It's one of the PS's that you have to be calling as soon as the phone lines open up exactly 60 days out, but it was so much fun! We have eaten there before, and enjoyed it, but it was extra special to be eating there on Thanksgiving day! Most of the restaurants do something special for that day, especially the resort ones, but if you can, try to get LLT!

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Thanks for the great tips. Flex feature idea sounds awesome-- I never even thought of using them that way.
I'll also look into the Liberty Tree Tavern--WOW Turkey and the works at Disney-- what a cool idea.
We are going to save so much money and have such a great trip thanks to all of the wonderful people here at the DIS Boards.
God Bless you all.


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