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Earning My Ears
Jan 6, 2001
I am planning on taking advantage of 3 of the character meals. Although I haven't made reservations yet, I am thinking about the Restaurantasaurus for breakfast one day and Liberty Tree and Chef Mickeys for dinners two of the nights. A few questions.... I heard making reservations at Liberty Tree is good about 5:30 or so b/c you can catch the parade or fireworks or something right from there. (maybe the magic moments parade-is that everyday?) Also, for Chef Mickeys, if that is in the Contemporary Resort, do I need to use one of my park hopper days tickets to get in there? I am going the 2nd week of March and I want to make my reservations now since it is the 60 day mark. Any add'l suggestions welcomed.
I would also recommend Liberty Tree Tavern for dinner. Also, Cinderella's Royal Table for brefex, begin calling at 7 am (or a few minutes before) the 60 days prior to your planned meal; it books quickly. Also, we like the Garden Grill in Epcot for the brefex and it features Chip/Dale, Mickey and Pluto. It's in The Land and the restaurant slowly rotates. You would not need a park admission for Chef Mickeys as the hotel is not in the park itself.
Thanks for the info. what about the shows that the different parks have to offer. are there any that are part of your original admission ticket or are they all a separate price? I don't mean the dinner ones, but just some different shows that the kids would enjoy. Do they require reservations as well?
Hi, since this is the budget boards I will give you my budget character meal advice.

(1) unless having char lunch/dinner is important, I book char breakfasts. They are less $$$$ and I love starting off the day with MICKEY!

(2) try other char events (a) Garden Grill Ice Cream Social 3pm &3:15 pm $6.95 each (b) Wonderland Tea 1:30 pm - 2:30 pm for the kids, $22.95 each kid at GF (c) Pirate Cruise for the kids, around $20.00


Cinderella's Char Breakfast in the Castle
Crystal Palace Char dinner MK
Garden Grill char dinner EP
3 char breakfast at KIDS VILLAGE GKTW (only for Make a Wish guests)
MGM char breakfast - not there anymore

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The shows inside the parks are generally free. There are some exceptions such as The Candlelight Processional in December. Even then, free seats are available on a first-come first-served basis. Priority seating is available with a dinner package. Although I've not yet seen it, Fantasmic in Dis Studios is the same, and I've heard it's very good. Try not to miss the Lion King presentation at Animal Kingdom. It's great. Should you have need of it, there are handicapped areas with room for family.
We just got back and did a character breakfast at Crystal Palace (Main Street MK) and LOVED it. The food was great, the characters (Pooh, piglet, Eyeore, Tigger) were sweet and accomodating. My kids (2 and 4) loved it and it was a nice break to sit and kick back. We did breakfast but had PS for 10:05...sat down about 10:20 and it was nice to have had a bit of Fantasyland magic but then a break to plan what the next move was (or actaully to just go over our plan again). Highly recommended!


we ate at the crystal palace at the magic kingdom, which was wonderful,food, atmosphere everything was great.Liberty tree was also great. Cindys table was wonderful for breakfast. We also ate at chef mickeys for dinner. We thought that was okay, the food was better at the other restaurants. we also ate in mexico in epcot which was wonderful, I would recommend this place also. Good luckand have a great time
Are there any character dinners besides the Hoop De Do Revue?

I want to do the breakfast but as the reservation time approaches I almost wish it was a dinner instead that way I can use that time at the park in the morning since they are a little less busy.

the hoop dee doo revue is not a character meal, but a dinner show. Character dinners are available at chef Mickey's, The Garden Grill (at epcot, chip and dale, etc.) The grand floridian has Cinderllla's Gala feast and Liberty Tavern and Crystal Palace in MK have one i think. There may be others, check the disney main Priority seating number, they could tell you more.
There are no characters involved in the GF Pirate Cruise - which is closer to $30 a person than $20.
You have to book at 90 days out and royal table is hard to get be on the phone at 6:50 am


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