Change in the number of posts?


DisCon cosmic commando
Sep 18, 1999
I get this feeling that some of my posts were left along the road during the crash... Did your number decreased? I was also a victim of the 1999 crash...
I lost a bit over 500 but I'll get them isn't like I don't talk...hehehehe....
you guys always keep me talking... ok I am off to bed!!!!
I posted a thread from CathyCanada on our board, in it she says we lost a couple of days of posts.. so maybe that is what you are seeing.

Yes, anything posted from January 9th and on was lost...I lost about 200 posts, but nothing I can't regain shortly!! :)
I will not spill any tears over lost posts... I am way too happy to be back home.:)

Thank you, Marsha!!!!!:) :) I hadn't had the chance to direct Kevin to the thread yet, so he missed it. :(

(My roses are still going strong!):) :) :D


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