Cdns registering for Priceline: no place for us?


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Aug 19, 1999
I can't register at PL as they want a US address. What have you done?
Make one up. In the adress space put your full adress, then for state I use california(CA), and for zip I use 11111. All you need for confirmation is the confirmation reply printed off your computer.. Two years ago I got MOWC for $70/night on New Years Eve, (4star). Last year I used it for 2 friends and myself and got Courtyard Marriot for $22/night, Hyatt for $30/night, and summerfield suites for $32/night.
To get the most out of Priceline - make sure you check out
it is an excellent resource for using Priceline and as a Canadian travelling in the US we need all the deals we can get. I have been very fortunate and saved lots of money staying in really nice hotels. As the previous post mentioned, squeeze your Canadian address in, select California for CA and enter five numbers or just 11111 for the ZIP and away you go............
PS priceline also does not like Canadian VISA either - use American Express or Master Card.
hope this helps.


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