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    May 27, 2000
    I was on the yourfairytale wedding site and seen a reception hall decorated with a built castel along the walls and a story book at the entrance of the door with fog all around. I am really interested in having both of these at my reception however I would like to know if any one was ever quoted a price for this and if so could you please let me know. I hope someone can help me out.
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    Jan 30, 2001
    Hi Ellie!!

    I don't remember the exact numbers, but I did ask for prices for both of those, and they are pretty hefty.

    The castle facade - where an entire wall is recreated to look like Cinderella's Castle - is around $5000. I cannot recall if that includes the table centerpieces or not, but I'm willing to bet it doesn't.

    The storybook entrance is one I really, really wanted!! I thought it was so perfect. If I remember correctly, it was around $2500. That included the storybook entrance, the fog, and everything for it.

    Disney also does a Midsummer Night's Dream Entrance as well, a "forest of greenery with twinkling lights and fog rolling throughout." The cost for this is $3500. If you want to continue the Midsummer Night's Dream theme through the reception, the cost gets much higher: ficus trees with twinkle lights, specialty linens, topiary centerpieces, chair covers, etc. add another $3000 or so to the cost.

    We went with a slight Midsummer Night's Dream theme at our reception, but we didn't go through Disney. We went with Creative Elegance (, who did a wonderful, beautiful job for a fraction of the cost. Instead of spending $6500 for the entrance and reception decor, we paid just under $1700. (The only thing we didn't have was fog. Because of federal regulations, this had to be provided by Disney, and they wished to charge $750 for it. We decided not to have it.) This included a forest entranceway with twinklelights and tulle draped artfully along the base to represent fog, a grapevine arch trellis, ficus trees with twinkle lights throughout the reception hall, roman columns with ivy and tulle, specialty linens, grapevine wreath centerpieces with white flowers and hurricane lamps with candles, tulle lights and pearls decorating the sweetheart table, and chair covers with bows. You can see some pictures of our reception set-up here:

    Hope this helps!


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