Can't Think of a Clever Title but we went to the D23 Expo!!! UPDATE 10/16 Final Thoughts


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Sep 7, 2007
All right now that all technical issues have been resolved...

Look familiar?

We can begin. At the beginning.

Wednesday night I was at home trying to finish up my ten hour work day. Brian had gone to Plano to drop this human sitting dog, Sirius, at his mom's house. When he dropped off Sirius he also picked up Stephanie, his sister. We had invited her along to the D23 expo. Originally she was going to fly out from Dallas but our flights were a much cheaper price and Brian had to drop off Sirius anyway.

They both got back around 7 and we had a few more errands to run. We went to Bed Bath and Beyond to find a tiny fork to complete my cosplay. I like to think we got the fork from the Beyond section.

I had a few small things to wrap up, like taking pictures of my Trader Sam's tiki cup collection so I would know which ones I still need:

and taking a picture of our DCA pony prizes from one of the boardwalk games. We knew we only needed a few to finish our collection and I wanted to make sure we didn't get any duplicates.

Once this was all finished we ended up putting Talladega Nights on the tv and making sure we were all packed up. 'If you're not first, you're last'. 'Shake n Bake!'.

I had thought we packed pretty light until I gathered all my costume pieces together. Putting a sword in a suitcase is a delicate matter.

Finally it was time for bed around 11. I put the first POTC on the tv and fell asleep. Side note..isn't the first POTC just excellent?! I'm not sure if watching this movie while falling asleep made me really into POTC for the trip but I was all about the POTC. Do you guys ever have Disney trips where you have a favorite character or ride or movie that just kind of corresponds to that trip only?

2 hours and 54 minutes of sleep later we were up to catch our flight.

I don't get much sleep on vacations because I'm always too excited to sleep and I plan early mornings and late nights to get the most out of my trip. My fitbit also tracks my sleep, so get ready to hear about how much sleep I got every night of the trip.

Since we'd packed the night before we were able to quickly toss our bags into the car and go.

Just kidding. Brian hadn't found his ultra light camping gear mattress even though I'd been asking him for days. So Stephanie sat in the car while Brian looked for it and I yelled at him. I mean, I looked for a little bit too but it was mostly angry grumbling.

He finally found it and we were on our way. We arrived at the parking spot with plenty of time.

Did you guys notice that the airport parking shuttles usually show up the second after you park, then you're in a mad rush to shove everything that you had out into bags? Or is that just me?

Anyway, we made it to the airport and there was about a 5 minute line for security so we breezed on through.

We had a Southwest flight and Brian and I got two of the last seats for A check in. Stephanie had B so she stood in line to get us breakfast burritos (smallest burritos ever, btw). We got a decent seat and I was able to get my window seat. I've never got over looking out the window. I love how everything looks from the air.

I really wished that I could have slept but I was way too excited. I listened to my Disney spotify play list and before I knew it I was seeing this:

I mean yeah...that is most likely gross smog but I like to think of it as fog, and the city is rising mysteriously out of the fog. So we might have left the Austin airport at 5:15 am, but that also meant that we arrived at LAX at 6:25 am.

We had decided to take an uber from the airport, since there were 3 of us. In ended up costing about $40 so it wasn't bad. And we didn't run into any traffic either! Disney magic.

I realized I forgot to take any hotel pictures, so I stole a few from the internet.

We were staying at the Cortona, which did not have that magnificent looking sky.

Here is a picture of the pool, it was pretty small but looked clean.

Here is a picture of the inside, we had 2 queen beds.

The room was ok. It was a little outdated, but clean and the beds were comfy. The water pressure was good and we never had a problem with noise.

A continental breakfast was offered, there was sausages, pancakes, cereal, fruit, juice, pastries, toast and probably some other items I'm missing. It was all right, we actually only ended up eating there twice since we had to leave so early for the convention.

The location of the hotel ended up being really nice for the convention center. We were less than a 5 minute walk away. The Cortona also offers free parking, which we didn't use but I thought I'd say in case anyone else was wondering.

In case you can't zoom in on the picture the Cortona is next to that red block to the right of the giant convention center.

I had considered doing a split stay and moving to a hotel much closer to the parks for Monday and Tuesday. In the end I decided it would be too big a hassle and we would just walk. The walk ended up being a pretty long 20 minutes when we were refreshed. Probably closer to half an hour at the end of the day if we had to wait for a lot of traffic lights.

Check in was pretty quick and our room ended up being ready! Talk about some more luck. We were able to toss our bags and apply copious amounts of sun tan lotion and were on our way to the parks right around opening time.

We were headed for DCA and the newly renovated Guardians of the Galaxy: Mission Breakout!!
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    Sep 7, 2007
    We arrived at DCA a little after opening and we only had eyes for one attraction.

    The line was already at an hour but that was ok, we were able to easily walk up and grab fast passes.

    Lots of people don't like the building facade. The complaints seem to center around the pipes. I don't know, I rather like it. I know it clashes with the Carthay Circle and I usually don't approve of such stuff but I'll overlook it just this once.

    Now that we had our fastpass we decided to move onto Cars Land.

    Racers was at a high 45 minutes so we decided to go on the newly re-done Luigi's Rollickin Roadsters.

    Guido is a favorite of mine so I was pretty excited to see what this new attraction was about. I am a little sad they took out the flying tires, we never had trouble moving around and I thought it was fun.

    More of my little guy. Pit stop! (hope you said that in the voice)

    I love the Disney details. The tree is planted in a tire.

    We only had to wait on ride rotation then it was our turn.

    Here is our car, I picked him out before hand.

    More details: the great suitcase attached to him.

    The cast member came by to make sure we were buckled in and told us the name of our car was Salvatori. Do the cast members always say that? Do the cars have actual names or was this cast member just making stuff up on the spot? I was all about the car's name, I love naming inanimate objects and giving them personalities and back stories.

    I thought this ride was a lot of fun. I loved that there were different songs and different dances. Even though I enjoyed the tire attraction I like this one too. Especially the spinning at the end.

    Next up was another walk on ride, Mater's. I love this queue with all the references to the Mater shorts. Though first up was had to make a stop in the petting zoo for the cutest lil tractor ever. I've named him lil' Chew (since he is a chew-all tractor).

    How fun is this ride??

    It can get a bit painful, but still fun.

    Trouble, if you get in trouble,
    Shoot, it don't matter, if it's big or small.
    Flat tires, grease fire,
    No gas, broke glass,
    Tow Mater's, the one you want to call.

    When you roam,
    Far away from home,
    And somewhere, your head begins to crack.
    Oh, know, you're not alone.
    Pick up the telephone.
    Mater just the truck to tow you back.

    Radiator Springs Racers' still had a long line (and a long single rider line) so we decided to move on. We were a bit hungry so Stephanie took us somewhere we'd never been:

    The bread sample was pretty tasty and Brian had a fun time playing the little trivia game.

    We were able to ride TSMM with about a 15 minute wait. I was bad and didn't take a picture of our scores, but Brian most likely won. He always wins TSMM and I always win Buzz.

    After we stopped to play one of the carnival games. Every time we go to DL we try to play the game where you can win the ponies. Up to this point we had collected 5 of the 8 ponies. Brian and I just played against each other and I ended up winning and chose Ricochet.

    After that we moved on and decided to do something else we've never done: The Redwood Creek Challenge Trail.

    Immediately we saw a couple of chipmunks meeting at the front.

    The chipmunks were fun as always.

    Then it was time to explore the challenge trail, which was a lot more fun than I thought it'd be.

    We've managed to explore a lot of California's National Parks so it was nice comparing all of DCA's elements to the real thing.

    We placed our hands on the glowy thing and the sky told us our spirit animal. Stephanie and Brian were both wolves and I was a salmon. Really glowy hand print thing? A freaking salmon? Whatever.

    We had a great time running around on the rope bridges, racing down the slides and climbing up the rope netting. I think adults can do most of the activities in here, just not the super fun looking zip line thing.

    Finished exploring, we left and headed for Soarin. The line was 40 minutes but we were able to grab a FP for 5 minutes later. So, 5 minutes of browsing in the gift shop later and we were headed in. I always find the Soarin line takes at least 15 minutes, even with a FP because you usually have to wait for a full ride rotation. Once we were loading in I asked for the center and got the second row.

    Now, those of you familiar with me probably know that I do not like the new Soarin. I hate how much of it is fake. The whales, the polar bears, the entire Taj Mahal, the boats in front of the Sydney Opera house, the animals in Africa, the people on the Great Wall...I could go on. The world is amazing enough, Disney did not need to digitally add to it. Not only that but holy scene transition, did George Lucas make this? Do we need a fake whale leaping out of the water or a fake elephant throwing dust at us to transition to the next scene?? Also..not a fan of the dirt smell in Africa.

    So why did we even ride it? Well, I loved the original so much I want to keep giving the new one chances. I tried to ignore all the fake stuff this time (not easy) so I liked it a touch better. Meh, at least they still have flight attendant Patrick doing the preshow. Thank goodness for small miracles.

    Now it was finally time to ride the attraction we had all been waiting for...and that I used as the tagline for my last break...Guardians of the Galaxy Mission Breakout!
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    Sep 7, 2007
    The first half of the photos load for me on iOS but then on my mac none of them load. So weird.
    It makes no sense. When a lot of people were saying they couldn't see them in my intro post I figured out I'd been posting incorrectly from Google photos. So I fixed that, I did the same exact thing for all pictures but only half showed up for people. So I did the exact same process but just did it over again and then they all showed up.

    I need my tech minded bf to come back. He's been in Dallas helping his mom with stuff.

    I just don't get it.


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    Sep 7, 2007
    We made it over to the new Guardians right in time. There was a bit of a line to scan our park tickets but soon we were inside. Being in the fastpass line, I don't think we had near enough time to gawk at all the new details, but I guess that is the trade off between waiting a long time.

    We were quickly loaded into a show room and right away spotted Starlord's headphones!

    These headphones are a big point of contention for us. We'd dressed as Starlord and Gamora for a Halloween party at WDW a few years ago and Brian was pretty disappointed that he could never find a cassette player like this for his costume.

    Once the pre-show began I was pretty sad to see that we'd stood in the exact room spot in the room (near the door where you head out to the last part of the queue) so we really couldn't see Rocket at all. Not sure why they'd position him off to the side instead of in the front of the room so everyone could see.

    Here is my attempt at capturing the yeti in the final queue:

    Here is a poor image of our ride photo, we were bottom right.

    I thought this ride update was fantastic. I love the original TOT, but the one at DL was kind of boring. The ride sequence never changed so you knew exactly what was going to happen. I loved having the music on the ride and the little show sequences during the ride really added a lot to it.

    Now, I wouldn't be too pleased if TOT at WDW went away as well. I'm a big proponent of not copying rides between the 2 US parks. So I'm pleased that DL now has Mission Breakout but I'd be sad if TOT went away completely from all US parks.

    After the ride we noticed that a Starlord and Gamora show would start soon, so we decided to go grab some Groot bread to eat while we watched.

    It was pretty tasty and good.

    I thought our Starlord was the Neil Patrick Harris Starlord, he really looked/sounded like him.

    The show was very fun and really high energy. Sadly, I did not participate because I am more of a Gamora and I do not dance. Still, it was fun. At this point I thought we would stand near where the Groot line would form after the show.

    Little did I know it must have just changed, because now there was a huge queue that had been marked out behind where we were standing and there had already been quite a few people in it before the show started. We decided we'd meet Groot later.

    We meandered toward the front of the park and saw Donald in an outfit I'd never met him in. Donald is my favorite, so gotta get all the outfits.

    Donald was in really fine form today, his handler was really egging him on and they were having tons of fun. At one point, the handler asked what happened to all the donuts that they'd had that morning and then pointed to Donald's fluffy gut and said 'there's where they all went'. It was all a bit odd but pretty funny.

    After meeting Donald we saw Oswald with a very short line so we had to go say hi.

    Time for our first visit to DL of the trip!

    I love the horses.

    We were on a mission to meet a character that I hadn't been able to meet yet.

    The line was somewhat long, it probably took about 20 minutes.

    I think we'd been waiting about 15, and the woman behind us asked me what we were waiting for...

    First off, I was kind of like ***, we've been in this line 15 minutes and you don't even know what you are waiting for? So I told her we were waiting to meet Moana. At which she made a sour face and was like I definitely don't want to do that. Then kind of looked at me weird and left.

    ...I don't even know how to react to that. That's fine you don't want to meet Moana, but don't look at me weird because I'm doing it. I'm not the one who got in line and waited 15 minutes before I even bothered to figure out what I was waiting for.

    There was a slight break in Moana's line so that they could keep a walkway clear and open. Not 2 minutes after the woman behind us left, a family of about 15 came up to the break in the line. We were standing on the opposite side and the first family member in line asked what the line was for. Once again, they had been waiting probably 10 minutes. The cast member said what the line was for and they all ended up leaving.

    I don't think I'd ever really seen this before. Who just gets in a line if you don't know what it is for?


    I'd been distracting myself by taking pictures of pretty flowers.

    It was finally our turn. I was a little disappointed with the cast member who was helping Moana. He'd been flirting pretty ferociously with the 2 girls ahead of us, so when it was our turn I had to wait a minute to get his attention to give him my phone.

    I don't wanna interrupt your game bro, but do it on your own time. I'm excited to meet Moana.

    After meeting Moana we decided to ride Jungle Cruise since we were right there.

    Here is a view of the new Bengal Barbecue area.

    I love the Jungle Cruise so much. I think the jokes are fantastic.

    keep your hands in the boat because Ginger snaps.

    It's OK to take their picture, they all have their trunks on.

    There is the first rule of the jungle...Survival of the fittest...As shown by the pride of lions protecting the sleeping zebra...I'm just kidding kids...he's dead. Dead tired.

    "And now, one of the most majestic sights on our cruise: the backside of water."

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    Sep 7, 2007
    Hmm, judging by the lack of comments no one is interested in my time before the Expo. Ok then, I've been waiting to write about D23 anyway. So suffice it to say, we were all exhausted at this point, having had a few hours of sleep. We stayed in the park doing various things until our Blue Bayou ADR. I asked for a water side table and we only had to wait 15 minutes. We got our lovely water side table, had a great meal and I practiced taking dark pictures with my Pixal (which takes amazing pics, by the way).

    We were back at the hotel and asleep around 6 pm. We had an early morning wake up for our first day of D23 the following morning.
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    Sep 7, 2007
    I did a write up for day one in the DL D23 Expo forum, so this is copied from that and I've added to it.


    8 hours and 50 minutes of sleep

    It is somewhat easy falling asleep around 6 pm if you've only had 3 hours of sleep the night before. It was also pretty easy waking up around 4:30 am. It was 6:30 our time, after all. We had packed our convention bags the night before so we get ready pretty quickly.

    Convention bag: water bottle, poster tube, blanket, inflatable camping mattress to sit on, sweatshirts, Star Wars comics, battery charger for phones, snacks.

    It was a nice and easy 5 minute walk to the convention center. Good thing about this, if you don't know which way to go, just follow all the costumed people! Easy.

    Arrival time: 5:15 am

    I had been pretty sure that we'd be inside the convention center if we arrived before 6 am. The printed expo materials said that the inside would be closed at 6 am, so I had been aiming to get there an hour before that. However, this was not the case. We were in the second section outside in front of the doors (each section had a taped off walkway left) so we were pretty close to the doors. We spoke with some people later that morning and they had arrived at 5 and been allowed inside to wait downstairs. So we must have just missed the cut off.

    At that time of day there was no wait for security. As everyone knows now, they did not care about bringing outside food in. We saw people with pizza boxes even. We hadn't brought that many snacks this first day in the fear that they would be tossed out. But now we knew better.

    So we settled in to wait. Got to meet a few DISers like @HydroGuy and @PaintsWithAllTheColors . It was kind of funny, I was passing the time by posting in the D23 thread and there were a few of us trying to identify each other and figure out where everyone was. I think 4 or 5 of us had all got stuck in that outside area quite close to one another.

    Around 8 am the stupid sun came out. Being a redhead, I started to freak out. We had not brought or put sun tan lotion since I assumed we'd be inside. Luckily, no sun burns were received that day.

    Throughout our waiting time we could see some interesting stuff going on in front of the center. Lots of people were doing news reports, Cinderella's carriage was set up and Tow Mater showed up.

    As we got closer to the 9 am opening time we were all slowly moved forward and packed together in our little taped off sections. We did not get in right at 9, we assumed we had to wait for all the people in the basement who had arrived at 5 am and earlier to funnel up first.

    We had our game plan ready to go. I had spent many months of reading and watching everything I could find on the D23 Expo so I would be prepared. I had made an initial list that I knew had too many items, but I made it anyway.

    It was Tough to pare down the list. There were so many things I wanted to do. If anyone wants to take a quick glance at the schedule:

    Yeah, I bet you'd have trouble choosing too. Keep in mind, these are just the panels. The app schedule showed tons of other stuff, like small performances on the main Oh My Disney stage, meet and greets, autographs, all sorts of stuff.

    Initial Wants Before Arrival

    9 am: Shop Pass for one of the three stores
    10-12: Disney Legends
    12-1: Signing Brad Bird (The Iron Giant, Incredibles, Ratatouille, Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol, Tomorrowland)
    12:30: stage pass for Park Stars panel
    12:30-1:45: Signing with Alex Hirsch (Gravity Falls)
    1:30-1:45: Ashley Eckstein talk
    1:30-2:30: Moana Animator signing (Hyrum Osmond: Olaf, Prep & Landing, Feast, Paperman. Amy Smeed: Rapunzel)
    2-3: Signing Tony Anselmo (Donald animator and voice since 1985)
    2:30-4:30: Animation panel
    4:30-5:30: Tour of Pixar with prizes
    6-7: Park Stars Panel

    We knew the schedule was overambitious and that we wouldn't get everything, we just wanted to have second and third choices in case we were shut out of things.

    We were pretty sure we'd be able to walk up to the Legends panel before it started since we'd heard the previous expo's panel hadn't been full. When we lined up in the morning, there was a separate line for the Legends panel, but we went ahead and lined up for the show floor.

    So the plan was to split up. Brian would run for a store pass (kind of like a fast pass).

    There were 3 main Disney sponsored stores. Mickey's of Glendale (MOG), the imagineering store. This store is usually located on the Imagineering work place lot. Only Imagineers and their friends/family usually have access. I was able to shop here once before went I went on the Adventures by Disney Southern California trip.

    The second store was just the Disney Store. They carried regular items you'd find in any Disney store at a mall, except these were preview items. So basically, these items would show up over the following year or two, so we got early access. This store also had all the insane items that were made in limited quantities, these are the items people spent the night in line for.

    The last store was the Dream Store. This store had a bunch of the D23 items, artwork, and the POTC and Epcot anniversary items.

    So Brian was going to head to the store pass line and Stephanie and I would run for our number one store, Mickey's of Glendale. We would be communicating via text and let him know if the line was huge and if we needed a pass for MOG or for a different store. At this time we didn't realize he could take our badges and get 3 store passes.

    Finally the square above us was moved in and we were allowed in as well! We were off!

    Stephanie and I had a pretty easy trip (we'd studied the map on the app beforehand) and made it to the MOG line. Actually, it wasn't really easy. There weren't a lot of people inside yet but we saw so many awesome things it was hard not to stop and gawk. It was like in Zoolander where he is getting brain washed and told not to get distracted by the beautiful celebrities.

    There were so many things that made me want to stop in my tracks and stare. The expo excitement was real!

    We were in the regular MOG line and we didn't even realize there was a separate MOG pin line at that point. There were lots of taped off queue lines but at this point, the line was full next to the wall and another half a queue. This line moved so quick, I think we were only waiting for 10 minutes. At this point, I was on twitter and saw that the special surprise Legends inductee had been announced, it was Whoopi Goldberg. We were aware that there is usually a surprise inductee, last time it was Johnny Depp who came out in full Jack Sparrow regalia. We were thinking it would be Harrison Ford, since Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher were being inducted this year. We were only going to do the Legends panel because we figured it would be our only chance to see Harrison Ford in person (Brian and I have already met Mark Hamill). Since he wasn't going, we knew we could scratch that panel off the list.

    Brian texted and we told him we didn't need a MOG pass so he was to get a Disney store pass. He was able to get one for 4:30. I believe 2:30 was the earliest time available but we had already decided on a time where we didn't have any panels.

    So obviously we had our pick of all the MOG merchandise and sizing. I think I did pretty well, I did a circuit and picked up everything I kind of liked then did a second circuit and put some stuff back and made sure I saw everything.

    I ended up getting 2 of the galaxy of stories t shirts, gray for me and black for Brian. A society of explorer's shirt, a sorcerer mickey imagineering t shirt, and a light blue imagineering hoodie. This is a picture I took later that night in the hotel room.

    So we were done with our purchases and met back up with Brian. He had just come from the Disney Music Emporium. High on our must do list for the weekend was to meet Auli'i Cravahlo, the voice of Moana, and Michael Giacchino who composed the music for Up, Ratatouille, The Incredibles, Rogue One and many other movies. They weren't meeting today, but we wanted to figure out how they were doing the wrist bands. An employee Brian spoke to said that we were to come back on the day they were signing and purchase our merchandise on those days to get our wrist bands.

    At this point we had our only 'what do we do... wander around in a daze' moments. We were right next to the Imagineering pavilion so we walked in and looked at some of the displays. The line had already built up for the model so we just looked at the stuff that was out in front.

    We discussed the Music Emporium for a little while and were like, you know what, we have convention experience and often times people don't know what they are talking about. So we went back and asked 3 more people working the booth and got some different answers so we got in the long line to purchase our singing merch.

    On the way we walked by the Pixar/Disney Animation panel pavilion and saw some Cars on display.

    This line was probably about 45 minutes long. I was able to peek out a side door and saw a couple food stands so we took turns waiting in line while the other 2 ate. It was a delicious grilled cheese cart and I really enjoyed my sandwich and, best of all, there was no wait. I also didn't think it was very expensive, I believe that sandwiches were around $10 which sounds about right for a food cart.

    It was interesting to watch while we waited, the Descendants stars were signing and they must have got through their line quicker than they thought because they were pulling people from the long line if they wanted signatures from them. Stephanie informed me that these two play the daughters of Maleficent and the Evil Queen.

    We were almost to the counter when we saw this random T rex frolicking around.

    It was the best moment of the morning when we realized he wasn't a random T rex, he was with the Bowler hat guy! You can see him under the A in Pixar.

    We finally got to the front and were able to make our purchases. We had decided that if these items were going to be signed we wanted the vinyl records over the CDs because we felt vinyls displayed better. We bought our Michael Giacchino Rogue One vinyl and a Moana soundtrack vinyl. The guy was pushing the $10 Moana lithos and told us we could have both the vinyl and the litho signed (remember this, it will come up again later). So we each got a Moana vinyl and litho. The wristbands were just handed to us, they did not make us put them on at the time. The Moana signing was Saturday and Giacchino was Sunday.

    As we waited we got texts from some of our friends who we'd met on a previous DIS Adventures by Disney southern California trip. We were all going to meet up for the Animation panel. As soon as we were done we went off to find them.

    It took us about 10 minutes of trying to figure out where they were, but we finally met up. Along the way we saw this awesome costume:

    At this point we had a bad experience. The line up for Animation was downstairs but there was a long line of people upstairs who were waiting for the escalator. It took us forever to find the back of the line and at one point I was trying to ask a volunteer where the back of the line was and he just turned away and pretended not to hear me. It was a cluster. I think we were lining up around 11:30 maybe, I don't know the exact time.

    We were just about to get to the point to head down the escalator and the Legends panel must have let out. There was a big surge where those people melded with our line (our line was not pleased but what could you do about it?).

    I think by now everyone has heard about the giant mess with the Animation panel line. I'm afraid we might have been a part of the surge that ended up in front of other people, but we had no idea at the time and were just following the crowd. Which was pretty dangerous by the way, everyone was shoving and it was a bit scary. You just had to go where the crowd went.

    We settled down to wait for Animation. We had fun waiting in a group. There was a guy who was giving us announcements and letting us know we'd have to put our phones in bags. Now, we know after the fact that lots of people who had been waiting didn't get into the panel. This guy kept announcing there was plenty of space in line and inviting more people to join sections.

    The lines finally started to move in and we were able to get a spot in the back of the stage right section. Once again, this was very disorganized. When we arrived at the top of the escalator there was a whole mass of people hovering at the door waiting to get in.

    Now...after the fact we heard all the bad stories about the Animation panel line and how some people who had been waiting for hours got shuffled around and never got in. If those people were lucky enough to stick around after they announced the panel was full, they were given a wristband for the parks and resorts or live action panel. Apparently, if you stuck around even longer you were further compensated by a park ticket. I kind of have a problem with this. Now, some people had been waiting for hours and got screwed out of their spot by poor line management, however, some people walked up 20 minutes before the panel started because the guy was announcing plenty of room. It was not fair that those people got the perks. However, I understand there would have been no way to weed out the people who rightfully deserved the compensation and those who didn't.

    We did see a few people bragging on twitter later that their wrist bands were not removed for the live action panel and they used it for both live action and parks and resorts. Not sure if they were lying liars, because I have since been told that they Parks and Resorts and Live Action panels had different colored bands handed out.

    Anyway...I think the Animation panel was one of my favorite moments of the convention.
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    Great updates! The pictures are finally working. I love the Imagineering merch. Mickey's of Glendale would definitely be one shop I would spend money in.


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